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Two of my best friends James & Lidia - BTW - They're getting married in two weeks!
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WMRRA Round 3


Series: WMRRA
Date: June 14 - 15

Classes raced and results
600 Supersport -
LW Superbike
- 1st
600 Superbike - 3rd
MW GP Twins - 1st

Happy Father's Day!

After almost a full month off racing, I was quite happy to be back on the bike. Although, the time off did afford me lots of awesome family time with Karla and the kids. Something I've not usually had during this time of year so it was a real treat for me. The time also gave me the opportunity for some dedicated training and with strict nutrition I was able to shed a few pounds to come in even leaner and lighter for this round. Thanks Dawn. In addition, as you'll see in the pictures on the left, Joe Rocket came out with yet another awesome new design for my suits. Thanks to Adam, Kelly and all the crew at Joe Rocket for always keeping me safe. I can't forget to thank Richard Lerud, from TYR SOX, for all his support over the years! And, of course, I have to thank the Dan, Dale & the team for the countless things they do.

Notes on practice:
I've got to tell you I'm really enjoying riding the bikes and racing right now. I've kind of stepped back and looked at racing from the perspective of having fun. Hey, who doesn't like to do that? And, when I'm around folks like Dan & Dale, Brad & Cindy, and James & Lidia, I just have fun. Hanging out with people like this, racing motorcycles and all that it entails is living to me.

Race 1
600 SuperSport
Weather conditions - cold & dry
Pirelli Tires front / rear - soft dot front - med dot rear
Total laps - 6
Result - 2nd

I got a good start and slotted into second as we entered turn two behind Eli Edwards. Eli had a small slide on the exit of turn two and I was able to get the lead going into turn three. I lead the pack until turn nine where Eli squeezed up the inside and then Jake Rower bumped his way past. From here it became an all out scrap for each bit of pavement. I managed to get by Jake going into turn six and set off in an effort to give Eli a run. I made up a few tenths, but it was all for not as the red flag came out just past the half way mark and the club decided to call it a day on our race.

Race 2
650 GP Twins
Weather conditions - warm & dry
Tires front / rear - soft front - soft rear
Total laps - 10
Result - 1st

I didn't get the best start but I was able to outbreak the lead rider, Shawn Becker, into turn two. Unfortunately, when I went into the turn the bike slipped into a false neutral and I was lucky to not cause an accident as I had to coast for a few seconds until I found the correct gear. With this, I was still able to keep the lead and set off on a few flying laps in an effort to get a small gap on the field. Luckily, I was able to get a few seconds lead and just focused on maintaining the gap to the finish.

Race 3
600 SuperBike
Weather conditions - warm & dry
Tires front / rear - soft dot front - med dot rear
Total laps - 10
Result 3rd

Another barn-burner of a race. These 600 races have to be the best races of the day with at least four or five guys mixing it up at the front. Again, I got a decent start and ultimately found myself in a scrap with Mike Sullivan as we chased Eli for the win. Now, it was on the fifth lap that we started to come into traffic and it was here that things got a little crazy. Mike went on the inside of a lapper going into turn nine with me right on his back wheel. From the entry speed of the rider I thought it would be safer to pass on the outside to set up a good drive into the bus stop. Now, I don't know if the poor guy got spooked when Sully ran it past him, but for some reason he drifted out, hit the very back of my bike, and he unfortunately went down - thankfully not seriously hurt. I truly feel bad for the guy even though I don't feel we directly caused his crash. Here he was, minding his own business, racing his race, doing everything he knew how to do. And now, because he ultimately got involved with our lap, he's out some leathers, bike parts, and probably a bunch of cash. And, more importantly, will likely be sore for a few days. I did locate his crew to talk to them for a few minutes to make sure he was OK, but ultimately never got to talk to the rider personally.

Race 4
Middle Weight Superbike
Weather conditions - warm & dry
Tires front / rear - soft dot front - soft dot rear
Total laps - 10
Result - 1st

Probably one of my better races with the Zlock SV as I managed to lower my best lap time on it to 1:32:1. As I have mentioned in other reports, the SV really makes me pay attention to the details of my riding because it's so sensitive to them. I notice the smallest things adding up to better and more efficient laps. Despite a serious headwind that was definitely costing me time, I just focused on hitting my marks and using more of the bikes potential through key sections of the track. Despite a few mistakes I was able to build a small gap that I luckily held to the end.

Thanks again to everyone that is involved in our race program. We wouldn't be doing it without you.

Stay tuned

The next few weeks are busy ones with James & Lidia getting married - I'm actually MC'ing the wedding (insert evil laugh), and Karla and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary about the same time Kodi rolls another digit on her age. I can't believe she's turning seven. WOW time flies.

We might attend the PSSR track day early in July and then we're set to appear in Portland on the 1st of August.

See you then - Stay tuned!