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WMRRA Round 5


Series: WMRRA
Date: Aug 30th - 31st

Classes raced and results
600 Supersport -
LW Superbike
- 1st
600 Superbike - 3rd
MW GP Twins - 2nd

I apologize in advance for this report being delayed. I'm writing it on the ferry to Victoria but won't be able to post it until early in the week. I literally have to get home, unpack, repack, shower and catch a flight to Toronto for some testing at Shannonville!

I have to thank Dan Zlock for all his efforts over the weeks leading up to this race. He worked tirelessly to get the SV back to full song and, as you might imagine, the bike was an absolute rocket.

Also, I have to thank Brad & Cindy Gua for being the awesome people they always are. And Tom and Brenda Wertman, who, as you'll read below, asked me to ride for them in a six hour endurance race this past weekend.

And last, but not least, I want to thank my competitors, mainly Mike Sullivan & Eli Edwards, with whom I'm in a title points chase, for being such awesome competitors on, and off, the track. Mike and I were actually talking, and laughing, about this. Here we were just an hour before our race talking about life, family and the like, when in just about sixty minutes we would be on the track battling, and willing to do just about anything to get past each other. Kind of funny when you look at it that way. Thanks to Mike and Eli - it's an honor racing with you.

Race 1
600 SuperSport
Weather conditions - cool & dry
Tires front / rear - soft front - soft rear
Total laps - 8
Result - 3rd

Despite the podium I have to say this probably my worst performance this year. I just wasn't jelling with the bike and was fighting it everywhere, almost crashing several times. My lap times weren't even consistent and I was genuinely uncomfortable. After the race Dan, Dale and I talked about it, and after their pep talk I was looking forward to the next race

Race 2
600 SuperBike
Weather conditions - cool & dry
Tires front / rear - soft front - soft rear
Total laps - 8
Result 3rd

After the previous race performance I was determined to do the job I knew I could do. I got an excellent start and started scrapping with Eli Edwards for the lead. In the end Eli had our number as he managed to dip into some lap times we couldn't achieve. It's funny, because he'll drop into some times, we'll respond, and then he'll up the ante just that much more again. He's a great rival on the track for us. Thanks Eli, I look forward to the next one.

Race 3
650 GP Twins
Weather conditions - cool & dry
Tires front / rear - soft front - soft rear
Total laps - 8
Result - 1st

I got a horrible start in this one but still managed to lead the field into turn two. From here it became a slightly tedious race as there was light rain falling on certain parts of the track. With this I played it as safe as I could, just barely holding off Kevin Pinkstaff for the win.

Race 4
Middle Weight Superbike
Weather conditions - warm & dry
Tires front / rear - soft front - soft rear
Total laps - 8
Result - 2nd

Man, did I ever ride the SV hard in this race. We've been challenged in recent races by Kevin Schaefer riding exceptionally well on a TZ250. Although our bikes are radically different in their relative strengths, the lap times seem to be the same and make for some exciting racing. I really launched the bike well and led for the first four laps. On the fifth lap Kevin pushed his way past and took the lead in turn nine. I re-past him and we exchanged the lead several times over the course of the next few turns. Then, in my efforts to get by him going into turn three, I made a huge mistake that almost saw me on the ground. Luckily I didn't crash or lose too much time. Still, we turned our fastest laps ever on the SV.

Six hour endurance race
Weather conditions - cool & dry - then wet - then dry - then wet, etc etc
Tires front / rear - lots
Total laps - too many to count
Result - unbelievably 3rd

To set the stage let's rewind a few weeks to the last WMRRA round where a good friend of mine, Tom Wertman, was unfortunately injured in a practice crash. After a few days I shot him a call to see how he was doing. Well in less then thirty seconds on the phone Tom had asked (read pleaded) with me to ride with his lovely wife, Brenda, in the upcoming six hour endurance race. How could I say no? So I showed up on Sunday morning to meet with the team and cover our race strategy. Essentially, I would start the race and do as many forty five minute stints as possible. Here's where things got interesting. As I went out for the sighting lap it began to rain heavily (note I was on FULL SLICKS). Clearly unenthused about riding on a flooded track with the wrong tires I set about crawling around fighting to keep the bike upright. After about fifteen laps the bike began to misfire as it lost a cylinder when one of the coils expired. I brought the bike in and the team went to work replacing the coil. Honestly, at this point I was glad the bike wasn't running (with me on it) as the conditions didn't suit our tire choice. Thankfully, the track was now mostly dry as my other teammate, Andrew Cox, went out for his session. Andrew did an exceptional job handing the bike to Brenda with us being only a few laps down. Sure enough, just as Brenda's stint came to a close and it was my turn, the heavens opened and completely soaked the track. I went out and splashed around, again on the wrong tires, for a few laps until the team flagged me in. Thankfully Tom had now decided, with Brenda's persistence I might add, to take the time to change the tires appropriately. Our crew, which included a good friend of mine Steve "logger boy" Stallman, got to work and changed the tires in record time costing us only a few laps. With the correct tires now mounted I was able to do a little damage to the leaders pulling back some of the laps we had lost. In the end the team did an exceptional job, despite the adversity, and we even managed to bring it home on the podium! Thanks to Tom & Brenda for being such awesome folks. And thanks to Steve Stallman for the entertainment.

OK - I have to catch my plane.

Our next race is a few weeks away in Portland.

Stay tuned.