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WMRRA Round 6


Series: WMRRA
Date: Oct 4th & 5th

Classes raced and results
600 Supersport -
LW Superbike
- 1st
600 Superbike - 1st
MW GP Twins - 2nd

It's 7:00 am Monday morning. The usual routine finds me on the first ferry home from a weekend of racing. This may sound odd to those that know me well, but I'm struggling to find the words to describe how I'm feeling right now. It certainly hasn't sunk in that we captured the WMMRA Championship. It almost seems surreal. All the race weekends, traveling, late nights, early mornings, tires, race gas, team dinners, and all the laughs and good times now seem a blur. That aside, perhaps the best way to describe my thoughts with a word would be "gratitude". I know all too well that none of the achievements from this season would have possible without the combined efforts and sacrifices from so many sponsors, friends and family. I'm just in a thankful mood. I'll do my best at the bottom of this report to say specific thanks to you all, but, before that, here's how the final race weekend of 2008 went down.

Notes on Practice:
With the track pretty much soaked on Saturday, Dan opted for me to only take the 600 out as we weren't racing the SVZR that day. I did a few laps on the 600 sampling the available traction. The bike was really moving around, even more than usual, so Dan, Dale and I talked about tire choice for the upcoming race. As you'll read later on it was a crucial part to the weekend.

Race 1
600 SuperSport
Weather conditions - cool & drying track
Pirelli tires front / rear - soft RAIN front - medium RAIN rear
Total laps - 10
Result - 1st

I got a great start from pole and led the field through the first few turns. Eli Edwards got by me shortly thereafter along with Jake Rower. With the track almost ninety percent dry I decided to see what Jake and Eli would do and if I could stay with them while managing my tires at the same time. At this point it's worth noting that Dan's experience in these conditions paid off in spades. He made the final tire choice, at the last minute opting for a medium SC2 Pirelli rear rain tire. I had the best seat in the house as I watched Jake and Eli pound on each other for several laps. Thanks for the entertainment lads. Unfortunately, Jake ran wide on one of the turns effectively taking him out of the race for the win. It was down to Eli and I. I started to see where Eli was strong and strategized where I might be able to make a pass on the closing laps. Thanks to the outright speed of the Zlock ZX6R I could come right up to Eli in turn one setting up for a drive out of turn two. On the last lap I rolled the dice and luckily managed to just squeeze by Eli going into turn three and hold him off to the finish. With the win we captured the 600 Supersport Championship.

Race 2
LW SuperBike
Weather conditions - cool & dry
Pirelli tires front / rear - soft front - soft rear
Total laps - 10
Result - 1st

I did alright off the start but honestly struggled to find my rhythm with the SVZR in the opening laps. It had been almost two months since I rode it last and my timing on the bike was certainly off. Despite this I managed to get into the lead and just barely hold off Joshua Ellingson who was riding exceptionally well making me really earn the victory in this race. It's also worth mentioning that Dan's SV, SVZR as we call it, took us to a perfect season in this class, winning every race and the class championship. Thanks Dan!

Race 3
600 SuperBike
Weather conditions - cool & dry
Pirelli tires front / rear - soft front - soft rear
Total laps - 10
Result 1st

This was going to be a battle for sure. Three of us had mathematical chances of winning the 600 Superbike championship so it was a winner take all race. I did well off the start and went into turn one handlebar to handlebar with Eli. He and Jake Rower both beat me into turn two and we set off starting to position ourselves for the race. Unfortunately for Jake, on that lap he ran wide and I was able to come underneath him setting my sights on Eli who was putting in a scorching pace. It was shaping up to be a battle to the end until Eli crashed in turn three, thankfully unhurt. Without Eli to scrap with the rest of the race was somewhat anticlimactic as I just put in some decent, albeit not blistering, laps to hold the lead to the finish. With the win we captured the 600 Superbike championship.

Race 4
Middle Weight GP Twins
Weather conditions - cool & dry
Pirelli tires front / rear - soft front - soft rear
Total laps - 10
Result - 2nd

What a race. I've been at this for a few years now, seen a few battles, and turned a few laps. But this was by far one of the most exciting change the lead two, three, or four times a lap, races I've been in. My sparring partner for this race was Kevin Sheafer riding exceptionally well on his TZ250. Yep, a TZ250 vs a Zlock SV650. With the bikes obviously having uniquely different strengths, but similar lap times, it made for one exciting race. Kevin and I were handlebar to handlebar through several turns not giving an inch. Now, more than ever, I have a newfound respect for Kevin as a racer. Despite the pace and the epic battle that ensued, he was in complete control of himself and his bike never once making any dangerous moves, or passes. He was certainly aggressive, as was I, but never over the line. Thanks for working me Kev. Although I really wanted to win this race I have to say it was, quite possibly, the ultimate way to finish my 2008 season on the Zlock SV taking this class championship as well. In the battle we also managed to break the SV lap record at Seattle. It now stands at 1:31.6.

WOW- 2008 racing season is in the books. Yet another year has flown by pursuing the dream of racing motorcycles, winning races, and championships. We did it! Now it's time to celebrate our successes (trust me, we're throwing a HUGE party) and then start to work on next year.

What next?
I'm off to see my awesome younger sister, Kate, get married next weekend in Montreal. I'm really looking forward to being there on her day.
I've already begun a new training program with some ambitious goals for fitness levels next season

As of this moment we'll be at the usual bike and trade shows. We are also ninety percent certain to attend the PSSR track day at Thunder Hill in November. If you can make it down to that you should. It's always been a good time. Also, now is the time I start to do the majority of my work with Canadian Biker Magazine. So stay tuned to my adventures thrashing on bikes, burning up tires, and eating foreign foods around the world.

As usual, I'll keep you all posted on our racing plans for 2009 as they evolve.

List of Thank Yous:

Zlock Racing
Dan, Dale and the entire team - I don't have words to convey how grateful I am to be riding for you. Your mentorship is the principal reason I have had any success in racing. I owe you this championship and am very proud to see your bikes with the number one!

Josh, Chuck, Garret - thanks for being my go-to folks to get the best tires for each track. Also thanks to all the folks at Pirelli GA. Jeff, Richard, Christoph, Chris, Kevin, and even Alberto - thank you for your continued support of our racing programs.

Canadian Biker Magazine
Thanks to the entire CB crew, John C, John M, John S, Art and Marilyn for their tremendous support of me on and off the track.

Joe Rocket
Adam, Kelly, Bruce and everyone at Joe Rocket - thank you for keeping safe in the best suits and gloves available.

Bruce- what can I say but thanks for keeping me safe in the best helmets on the planet.

James - thanks for all the top Oakley kit. - Looking forward to next year.

Thanks to everyone at Paulsen's for being our "go-to" folks through Kawasaki US.

SG Power
Thanks to Jeff and all the staff at SG Power for their continued support.

Performance Coatings
Brad and Cindy - Hard to describe just how special you are to me. Love you guys.

Performance Under Gear
Todd, thanks for keeping me comfy despite hot, or cold riding conditions.

ACME Moto Wear
Mark and Elaine - Thanks for keeping me safe, and thanks for the laughs of 2008.

Poul - thank you for keeping me safe with these awesome boots.

Lee and Lang - thank you for always coming through for us with the best systems for our race bikes.

Trev, thanks for all the amazing bodywork.

Garry, hands down the best man in the business. My friend, you've supported me from almost day one. I appreciate you, and all you do for us.

GP Suspension
Dave, you're best, what else can I say. - Thanks for all you do.

Megson FitzPatrick
Mike, as my first sponsor you amaze me with your continued support over these years. Thanks for being there and I hope we get to do more track days soon.

Jim, thanks for taking the leap of faith in us this year. As always, we appreciate your continued efforts.

Gary, thanks for always coming though for us no matter what. You're fuel definitely helps make up for my lack of talent.

Brent, thanks for all the awesome rear-sets through the last few seasons. Also, it's great having you as crew. We're glad you're part of the team.

Marcus, thanks for the amazing levers - especially the custom labeled ones this year. As always, we appreciate it.

Graphic FX Signworks
Jay, thanks for all you efforts in helping us market all our sponsors at the racetrack.

Over The Top
Steve - aka B.F., thanks for being such an amazing friend to me.

Dobeck Performance
George, thanks for all your support of me and the team.

Factoy Pro
Marc, thanks for all your support over the years of me and the team

Tyr Sox
Richard, you are like our Tire Heating GOD. Thanks for all you do for us.

Pacific Super Sport Riders
Janice, Dan, Tom, Al and crew. Thanks for your continued support of me and the team.

Paint by Burns
Robbie Burns, thanks for all you do. I have no idea what we would do without you.

Radar Hill
Dan, Shawn, Roger and the staff at RadarHill - thank you for helping me get this site operational and working as well as it does. I really do appreciate it.

Lockhart Phillips
Thanks to the staff at LP for getting us the miscellaneous stuff that we need to get the bikes on the track and ready to go.

Planet Fitness
Dawn, thank you for all your support and wisdom in training me over the past season. You played a huge part in my success this year.

Jeff, thanks for getting my gear transported in style and ease. Looking forward to next year.

Bruce Galvin
Bruce, thanks for believing in us. Looking forward to next season.

James & Lidia
Thanks for being such amazing friends to me.

The Pinkstaffs & Co.
Thanks for the laughs and teamwork over the past season. Looking forward to spending more time with you guys and seeing where racing takes you. I know you'll do well.

My fellow racers, competitors, WMRRA & OMMRA officials and volunteers:
Thanks to all the racers for working me this year. Thanks for the awesome memories, both on, and off the track, and thanks to everyone involved in the organizations that make it possible for us to do the sport we love.

My family:
Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank my family & friends. To my bride Karla who sacrifices while I'm on the road pursuing this, and to my kids that sacrifice the time away from me.
Finally, to all my friends at home in Canada, and in the US, thanks for all your support. It means more than you'll ever know.

Stay tuned -