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Since 2007 one of my favorite people on this planet, and one of my dearest friends, Steve Whiting, (from Over The Top) hosts an annual pictorial scavenger hunt that takes motorcyclists through some of BC's best interior roads.  The event is called SPEEDBALL - More info on the event here. Luckily for me I had the weekend off of racing this year and was able to attend with another one of my dearest friends, Scott Collins.  Below is a pictorial story board of our trip.  Enjoy.  Also, a HUGE thanks to the lads at SG Power for the use of their demo ZX10R.  Thanks Jeff and Marc.


Here's the map of our route.. over 2100km in two and a half days. Good times..

Scott on the Ferry where the journey begins.

I know you can't see it but that HUGE red dot is where the wasp stung me.  Yes, we had to stop.  :o)

Poor fella was just flying around, minding his own business when I had to come outta nowhere, (at the speed limit mind you) AHEM - and smacked him with my neck 

UM, that wasn't chicken.

Steve's truck


Steve explains the "rules";

Yes, ladies this is as good as it gets..

Let the fun begin

Steve's view of the world..

How the world see's Steve AKA "B.F" B= BIG F= FU***R

This dude had no neck.. at all

UMMM I can see the lawsuit from here


Brunch with the lads

Scotty with the Dinosaur

Me with the dinosaur and Chewbaca

Pirelli dual compound tires


The group

Johhny "the cougar hunter"

This is what happens when I "try" a cigar


Pizza - hold the anchovies

Homeward bound

SPLAT x 10000

Wash me please..