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Shelby looks happy to see me


Hot Pipe

"My scooter"

Warming it up

Warming me up

Dinner in the pits


James Cyr

Dan & Dale hard at work on Sunday morning :o)

Dan & I

Brian Moe & I

Jeff LaMarche & I

Hair Gel 101

Mike Sullivan & I

What did Lisa find in the store.....


Brian Moe with the $34.50 broken toe "fixer"

getting pictures with Dale can be tough

Mark, Lisa, me & Elaine

James & I


Mr. Tom Young

Francie LaMarche & I

Eli Edwards & I

Proof that the Zlocks (Dale) do hug

Lucky Charm


"pit monkeys" - look at the laughs

Tom Young explains the catheter story...

Dinner, check out the sunset

Good times

Lisa "grabs me" Brian Moe "rafs"

Pit bikes rule



WMRRA Finale


Series: WMRRA
Date: Oct 2-3

Classes raced and results
600 Supersport -
LW Superbike
- 1st
600 Superbike - 2nd
MW GP Twins - 1st

Another phenomenal year of racing!

Here are the stats

- 60 Races (approximately 720 laps)
- 27 Wins
- 46 Podiums
- 4 Championships
- And an endless supply of memories, laughs and good times.

I have quite a bit to write about, so bear with me as I stumble through my thoughts.

I need to start by thanking Dan & Dale Zlock for the past eight years of racing together in some shape or form; everything from AMA Nationals, Canadian Nationals, local and regional events to world events overseas. A lot of memories and experiences I will never forget. It's hard to believe the amount of time that has gone by. I can't seem to find the words to describe how grateful and lucky I have been to have the Zlocks in my life. Thank you hardly seems enough.

I have to congratulate my two main competitors, Eli Edwards and Mike Sullivan. First, congratulations to Eli for running an absolutely phenomenal year. Bud, you rode like a champ and helped me find new levels just to keep up to you. You deserve the championship; you earned it and can wear it proudly. Mike Sullivan, what can I say that hasn't already been said? Sully, you're a champ on and off the track and it has truly been an honour racing with you. You amaze me with your determination and drive combined with a finesse that only years of experience can deliver. With your retirement this year I'll certainly miss our on track battles, great conversations and friendship off track. The grid and paddock will certainly feel smaller without you there.

As this report will be quite lengthy, I'll keep the actual race reporting to minimum.

Race 1 - 600 Supersport
I think this was the best start I've had all year. I lead the crew into turn one and through the first lap. Unfortunately a rider crashed and they had to red flag the race. On the restart I didn't do quite as well but managed to nip into second behind Eli. From here it was an absolute scrap as we battled back and forth swapping the lead more than four times. In the end I wasn't able to get by him for the win.

Race 2 - 650 GP Twins
With the air temperature still somewhat low, but the track temperature rising quickly in the mid morning sun, I knew the conditions were about as good as they would get for a good lap time on the SVZR. I've known, deep down, that a 1:30 lap time was possible on this bike but had never really put a lap together to do it. As this was possibly my last chance to ride the bike in this configuration I decided to let it hang out. I took the first two laps to get everything up to operational temperature, get a feel for the available traction and get my timing down. Things were looking good as the early laps were in the low 1:31.3 range. I pulled the pin on the fourth lap and went for it, nailed turn two entry and exit, and railed the bike deep into turn three getting every ounce of traction from the front Pirelli tire. I left a tenth going into turn four but with a great drive out didn't get too frustrated. I won't bore you with the rest of the lap, but it was pretty much on the limit (I had my eyes closed for most of it). When I crossed the start finish my timer read 1:30.96. I pumped my fist in the air as though I had won the race. After this I decided to slow it down and win the race without crashing the bike. I was lucky and brought it home for the win.

Race 3 - 600 Superbike
Here it was - the finale. Eli had to beat me to win the championship and I wasn't going to give him an inch, and I didn't. I did well off the line and slotted into third. I managed to get by Sully for second as his bike didn't seem to be as strong as it had earlier. From here I just focused and put in some good clean laps. Eli and I went back and forth several times rarely more a few feet from each other. In the end I made a small error on the exit of the bus stop that derailed my chance of a draft pass at the finish. My hats off to Eli - he rode the wheels off his bike and deserved the win!

Race 4 - LW Superbike
This was immediately after the 600 race so I had no time to decompress and slow my mind down for the ride on the SVZR. The first few laps were somewhat surreal as I found the bike sliding a little too much for my liking, but when I eventually looked down at my lap timer it showed two laps at 1:30.7. Turns out the bike was sliding because it was just on the limit. After I saw that lap time I slowed down quite a bit to really take in my last few laps of 2009 on the bike that has gone undefeated in two seasons. With the gap we had opened in the first few laps I was able to take the win. Although I have to admit the cool down lap was a somewhat emotional one for me, I can't help but be thankful for the opportunity to ride the bike.

What's next?
Well, you'd think I would start to slow down a little with the race season officially over, but in reality things are just starting to pick-up. Here's just some of what's going on!

Skip Barber Superbike School - Yep, as you can guess from the name, I'll be at Laguna Seca in just four days as an instructor at the school. I'm looking forward to this experience in a big way!

Journalistic - Over the next few months is when the manufacturers present their newest product to the media so stay tuned as I sample their latest offerings.

Surgery - At the end of the month some phenomenal Canadian surgeons are removing the rod and screws in my right leg (from my 2007 crash). Don't worry; I plan on posting a full report, pictures included, on my experiences there. Should be entertaining to say the least!

Silly season - The question I seem to have been asked too many times this weekend was "What are you doing next year?" Well it's the typical silly season stuff at the moment folks. There are several opportunities, but it's still far too early to have anything solid. I will be racing, but where we will be racing is in question. I will keep you all posted.

Here's to yet another great year of racing and all that it entails!

Stay tuned.


The "thank you" section! There are so many people, sponsors, friends and family who make this possible. I thank you all!

Zlock Racing - As I mentioned above, thank you just doesn't seem to be enough for all that you've done for me.

Pirelli - Tom Young, Kevin Graham, Chris Jensen, Richard Moore, Jeff Johnston and everyone at Pirelli. Thank you for your continued support of me with your amazing tires.

Canadian Biker Magazine - John M, John C, and the entire crew at the magazine, thanks for your continued faith in me.

Joe Rocket - Adam, Kelly, and everyone at Joe Rocket, thank you for keeping me safe in the best suits available.

Clearly Lasik - To everyone at Clearly Lasik for your support and improving my life.

Arai - Bruce, what can I say but thank you for keeping me safe with the best helmets on the market.

Lifestyle Markets - Carmine and everyone at Lifestyle, thank you for supporting me with the nutrition I need to be my best.

Paulson's - Thanks to Chris and everyone at Paulson's for their continued support!

SG Power - Jeff and the crew at SG, thank you for all you do!

Performance Coatings - Brad and the Gua family, thanks for being such an amazing friend to me.

ACME - What can I can I say? Mark and Elaine, I love ya.

SIDI - Poul, thank you for your continued support!

Hindle - Lee, thank you for continuing to support me with the best exhaust systems on the market.

Flexi Glass - Trev, you're a stud. Thanks for all your support!
EBC Brakes - Garry, hands down you are one of the best guys in the industry. Thanks for your continued support!

GP Suspension - Dave, thanks for all your support over the past several seasons. You're the man!

Megson Fitzpatrick - Mike, thanks for all your support!

Silkolene - Jim, thank you for your continued support of me. The product is hands down the best we've ever used.

R-Tech - Gary - thanks for all the amazing fuel.

Moto-bits - Brent & Vicky, thanks for all you do with your product to support in the pits.

Pazzo - Marcus, what can I say? Your stuff rocks bro, thank you!

Graphic FX - Jay, your support means a lot to me, thank you!

Over The Top - BF, you are one of my best friends, and certainly the biggest! - Thanks for all you do and who you are to me and my family!

Factory - Marc - thanks for all you do.

TYR SOX - Richard, you are our tire heating god. Thank you.

PSSR - To Janice and the entire crew at PSSR, thank you.

Paint by Burns - Burnsey, you're one in a million. Thanks for all you do.

Radar Hill - Dan, Rog and the entire team at Radar Hill, thank you.

Circuit 1 - Steve, what can I say…… :o) … thanks for the support bud.

LP - Thanks to everyone there for their support

OGIO - Jeff, thank you for your continued support.

Planet Fitness - Dawn, you help me in so many ways. I'm lucky to have you in my life, thank you!

James and Lidia Cyr - Guys, I love you! Thanks for being such amazing friends to me.

The Pinkstaffs - Congratulations on another great year of racing together. Here's to more!

Brian Moe - Bri, you're my token "funny guy" at the track. Thanks for being my friend.

Jeff & Francie LaMarche - I can't find words to thank you two for all that you did for us this year. You made each weekend so incredibly relaxed and fun. Thank you!

My family and friends - Thank you to my amazing wife, kids and family for your support of me being my authentic self. And thanks to all my friends for their support. It means more than you'll ever know.

Stay tuned