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OMRRA Round 4


Series: OMRRA
Date: July 26-27

Classes raced and results

LW Superbike
GP Twins -

Hello Everyone.

It's 9:05 pm. I'm in the Portland airport waiting for my flight home. I'm a bit tired, but feeling content with another awesome weekend of racing in the books. I'm also feeling grateful for the people involved in this racing program. From he amazing Zlock brothers, to the Pinkstaff's, Jeff & Francie, Brian Moe, Brent, Cameron, and the whole entourage. Just awesome people, just an amazing family! Thank you!

The weekend had a different vibe to it as we'd just come back from Laguna Seca where Kevin had been caught up in a multiple bike crash that tragically took the lives of Bernat Martínez & Daniel Rivas. I know all of us did a lot of reflecting since the accident as there aren't words to describe what happened, or, how to articulate our condolences to the respective families and friends. No words really..... We were fortunate in that Kevin, and Devon McDonough (another local rider), somehow, weren't seriously injured.
RIP Bernat & Daniel. Our sport can be so cruel at times.

Notes on practice:
It's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to ride in the rain. Those that know me well know how much I enjoy it. Give me consistent conditions (read fully wet), a well sorted motorcycle, and some Pirelli Rain tires and I'm smiling! Lots of fun! So, with that, and a wet track in practice, I just put in a few laps to regain the feel for what might have been our race conditions.

Notes on race 1:
Luckily the track was consistent, read fully dry, for the race. Although, I blew the start and had to draft my way into the lead breaking for turn one. From here it became an exercise in slide management as the rear tire simply wasn't hooking up given what I felt the conditions could deliver. I managed to keep things relatively tidy for the remaining laps and got away with a lucky win. In debriefing with Dan & Dale we examined the tire pressure and found it to be right inline with our settings. Dan just looked at me and said the track conditions weren't there for the times I was trying to get from the tire. Sage advice.

Notes on race 2:
I did a better job off the line in this race and managed to lead it into turn one. From here I put in a few decent laps but had company. Cedric Smith, riding his ultra trick Honda as was right in my draft as I exited turn five. Given his presence I upped the ante turning my best lap of the race. Regrettably, as I exited turn six on the next lap I saw Cedric, and his bike, on the sidelines. (He has suffered a mechanical issue) Unfortunate, as he and I have had some epic battles in the past. Bodes well for an exciting last couple of rounds this year.

Thanks for reading - stay tuned for the season - check out the pictures from the weekend here: