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OMRRA Round 6


Series: OMRRA
Date: Sept 19-20

Classes raced and results

MW Superbike
GP Twins -

Hello Everyone.

There is a famous quote that runs between Dan and I. (We say it to one another almost every weekend) "You must never think it's your turn for a result in racing, because it NEVER is your turn. If the ingredients are right, and they're mixed properly you may have some success."

2015 OMRRA ingredients
1 Canadian racer
1 US race team
1 Extraordinary motorcycle
30 odd sets of Pirelli Tires
A host of contributing sponsors, friends, & family
A lot of luck

2015 OMRRA results
12 races
12 race wins
2 individual championships
1 overall championship
Countless memories

Where to begin. I honestly don't know... So much to say, so many people to acknowledge......... I'm struggling to find the words to articulate everything succinctly. Almost surreal!

It's 9:47pm, I'm sitting in my seat for my flight from Portland to Seattle. (delayed as usual... haha) I'm tired, a bit sore, but definitely elated from the weekends events.
I'm reflecting on all that's transpired to bring me to this moment.... to this "crescendo" of our 2015 racing season.... what an incredible journey!

Perhaps the most prevalent feeling is that of gratitude. Gratitude for the people in my life that enable me to be in this space, to live a life that sees me utilizing my talents, working within my passions, and pursuing my dreams. So, thank you! Thank you to everyone for being a part of this. I appreciate it more than you'll ever know!
(I'll make some specific acknowledgements later in this report.)

The prep.
For the weeks leading up to the race I was extremely strict with my nutrition and training program. The result delivered, honestly, the leanest (read lightest) I've ever been. I won't give you the figure, but I've never been this light while riding. While it paid dividends in terms of the bikes performance I'd suggest this is my body's relative limit. I'm now looking forward to my vacation later this week and having some time to "chill out".

The test
I flew in a few days early as Don Beck, my crew chief from 2010, had asked me to ride a 600 of his and give them some feedback. Also, if things went well we planned on racing the bike that weekend. In a brief summary I'll tell you that the bike was awesome and I was able to do very competitive times on it. Despite this, I decided not race the bike, rather, to focus on the job at hand with the Zlock Racing crew.

The races
In an effort to keep this relatively short I won't write out the report from the individual races. Just that we got exceptionally lucky in both Saturday and Sunday's events. Decent starts, consistent lap times, and exceptional equipment brought us across the line in first place.

Perhaps the most important thing for me to convey here is my appreciation to the people involved in this race program, and my life.

Dan & Dale Zlock - No words could possibly describe how fortunate I am to ride for you and this team. Getting the "band back together" has reinforced just how much fun our racing family has in this game. Thanks for your world class equipment, incredible knowledge, competency, and attention to detail. It truly makes me look so much better than I am.

My Racing family - The Pinkstaff clan, Jeff & Francie, Brent and Vicki, Brian Moe, Mike Gray, Cameron, Lisa, & Tom Young. You guys are truly a second family to me. Thanks for who you all are! Thanks for making racing so much fun!

My Kids - Kodi, Carter & Connor thanks for being the most amazing children. I so appreciate that you were able to see, and experience, your dad living this life, and doing his thing. It's been an amazing year and I can't wait for our next adventures!

My Dad - thanks for your amazing support. You've always been an inspiration to me on so many levels. Love you dad.

My Mom - The definition of unconditional love. Love you mom.

My sister - So love you Kate! Can't wait to see you in the next few months!

My overseas family in New Zealand and Holland - Thanks for all the support and encouragement!

Pirelli Tires - Jeff, Phil & Corey thanks for your continued support with the finest tires available!

Speed & Strength - Bruce, thanks for continuing to keep me safe with your amazing suits & gloves!

Arai Helmets - Jeff, thanks for keeping me safe with the best helmets in the world!

Motonation - Bill & Shawna thanks for your continued efforts in keeping me in the best boots on the planet!

Hindle Exhaust! - Lee thanks for your years of support!

PSSR - Al & Tom. Thanks for all your support over all the years!

Paint by Burns - Robbie Burns! - Thanks for always keeping the bikes looking amazing! We so appreciate you bro!

Radar Hill - Rog, Dan & Shawn. - Thanks for your continued support with the website and promotion!

My trainer Cindy! - Thanks for introducing me to an entirely new level of fitness and preparation. Thanks for kicking my ass all year!

To all my friends, acquaintances, and people that support this. - I'd like to thank you all for tuning in and reading these reports! - Stay tuned - more news coming soon!

Check out the pictures and video from the weekend here: