National Motorcycle Racer -

Location: Seattle WA
WMRRA Round 3

Events raced - Finish
600 Supersport - 4th
600 Superbike - 5th


A huge thank you to Brad, Cindy, Adam & Erin Gua for their hospitality over the weekend and, as always, I can't thank Dan Zlock and the team enough for what they do.

I have to admit that I feel burnt out at the moment. I've been doing too much over the last few weeks. It has been a month where almost every hour of every day has been accounted for. It all seems a blur and I don't know where this month has gone. WOW. Thankfully, I now have a few days off with my family to relax and spend some much-needed time with them and I am going to soak it all up. :o)

Notes on practice
Well it was situation normal in Oli's world this past weekend. The team was there, Dan was there and the truck and trailer were there; all was well. So with all this help we decided to get the 600 dialed in for Sunday. With a new Techlusion system on the bike, Dan and I set forth on getting the bike to accelerate cleanly throughout its rev range. This proved to be a bit challenging as there was a "stumble" produced at a certain rpm that we found difficult to rectify. However with some effort and good communication between us we got the system working as well as we could.

The races
600 Superbike
I lined up on the front row really focused on what I had to do. I wasn't thinking about tire pressures, oil level etc etc that I was in Calgary. I was ready to race. I got a great start and was in second right behind Mike Sullivan going into turn two. For the rest of the race it was an all out scrap with a few mistakes putting me back in the swarm of riders battling for positions. I was a little disappointed with my mistakes, but I had a plan to rectify them for the next race.

600 Supersport
Unfortunately I was on the second row for the beginning of this one so I was going to have to get a good start if I wanted any chance of a good finish. I got a great start and was in third going into turn two. A red flag was thrown two laps later bringing a stop to that race. On the restart I matched the earlier start and began a 3-lap battle with several riders including Mike Sullivan, Jace Bottenburg, Tom Wertman, Barry Wressell and Allan Schwen. Good company and good racers made for great racing and great fun.

This weekend was crucial for me. After Calgary I was feeling dejected to say the least. After this past weekend I am much more confident in myself, my abilities, and how I can improve. I'm getting into a groove again with the bike and my riding; a place I have not truly been since FUSA last year.

Next stop is a one-day "make an appearance" event in Mission,BC and then we're off to the big show - Laguna Seca - for the AMA National and World Superbike races. I can't wait!


Oh, there was no Superbike racing as WMRRA had to call off the races due to lack of time. :o(

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Photos from Spokane courtesy of Cindy Gua


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