National Motorcycle Racer -

Date: July 24 - 25
Location: Mission BC

Classes raced and results

Day 1
Superbike Race One - 2nd
600 Supersport - 2nd
Superbike Race Two - 1st

Day 2
Superbike Race One - 3rd
600 Supersport - 3rd
Superbike Race Two - dnf

As is always the case, I need to thank some specific people for their effort this past weekend. A big thanks to Kevin Graham from Pirelli Canada for getting some super sticky tires to us. Also, a huge thank you to Jim Ellison and the crew from Clearbrook Motorsports for their continued faith and support of me. Thank you to Scott and Christine Ponuick for their hospitality over the weekend and thanks to Marc Burgess for coming over Saturday to help out.

Coming from a safe venue like Laguna and being suddenly transported to Mission raceway made me feel a little displaced. I went from thinking about brake markers and optimum lines to cringing every time I went through turn 6 staring at the opposing concrete wall.

Thankfully the development of the 600 we achieved working with Dan at the US National had paid off in spades as it was allowing me to ride comfortably and still be on the pace. As a rule I simply won't push very hard at Mission. A mistake here would most likely be career ending and I'm in this game for the long haul.

Day 1
Notes on races:
Superbike leg 1

Steve Dick goes exceptionally well at Mission. In fact, I would have to say he is the man to beat when it comes to this and other tight tracks. So when I found myself tucked right in behind him from flag to flag in this race running quite comfortably, I knew we were about to have a very successful weekend.

600 Supersport
I got a decent start in this one and by the 2nd lap I was in the lead with Steve right in tow. We proceeded to set quick times as the laps wore down, but I was still holding him off with a small gap. On the last lap I came up on a back marker and had to check up for a second as we went through the kink (another high danger area). Sure enough, Steve had used his years of experience to use the lapped rider to put on a pass. He timed it just right and made it stick and I wasn't able to get by before the checkered flag. A great race.

Superbike leg 2
The temperature has reached a sauna-like 34 degrees. People were staggering around, most suffering from heat exhaustion. I on the other hand was cool and calm in the Clearbrook pits with 3 industrial fans blowing an obscene amount of air on me. They do take care of me don't they.

I got a decent start and was in second by lap 3. On lap four I made my move for the lead in turn 5 diving underneath the lead rider. From here I just set out to do consistent, smooth laps and took it all the way to the checkered. I have to admit it felt really good to deliver the win for the team. They were stoked and I'll never forget Jim Ellison (Owner of Clearbrook) giving me a big hug and saying that I made his day. Awesome stuff!

Day 2
Superbike leg 1

I got a horrible start in this one and was in 5th going into turn two. By the time I had worked my way to third, Steve and another rider had pulled a gap that I simply wasn't able to overcome.

600 Supersport
I got a better start in this one and was in third going into turn two. Steve had gotten an absolutely blinding start and had pulled a 3 second gap in the first lap. I put my head down, but the rider in front of me was slowing me down in certain sections. We were closing in on Steve, but it simply wasn't enough and all three of us finished within two seconds of each other.

Superbike leg 2
I was quite determined to win this race. I had the package for a win, all I needed to do was to put it all together. Our race start was delayed for about 30 minutes due to a severe incident in turn 1 where a bike had emptied its crankcase all through the entry. OH BOY. The officials did what they could, even allowing us two sighting laps, however, there was oil dry right through the entry line to turn one. I decided to test the conditions on one of the sighting laps to gain some perspective on just how much traction was actually available. I came into the turn at speed and applied the brakes accordingly. With no evidence of a slide or loss of traction I was confident that I could put the oil out of my mind and run it in as usual. Well I got another good start and was up to second by turn three. I set-up the lead rider for a draft pass into turn one and made it stick, that was until I went for the brakes entering turn one. The front wheel locked for an instant upsetting the chassis and forcing me to compensate with less lever pressure. By the time things had calmed down I was running out of racetrack fast. I managed to get the bike down to walking speed before I had to stand it up to enter the gravel. Not a big deal really, I thought, as my focus was now turned to getting the bike back onto the track. However, in my haste to get back onto the pavement I managed to tip the bike over in the gravel. Aargh. According to WMRC rules, once a handlebar touches the ground you're out of the race. The good news is that my only injuries are a bruised ego and a sore calf muscle. I'm also upset with myself and feel as though I let the down the team with such a small mistake.

From here I get to spend a couple days with Karla and Kodi before I fly to Germany to test the BMW K1200S. I'm really looking forward to both.


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Our Pits

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