National Motorcycle Racer -

Date: June 12-13
Location: Seattle WA

Classes raced and results

600 Supersport - 5th
600 Superbike- 4th

This was a very important weekend for us as it was our only real chance to properly evaluate the ZX6RR before we race it at Laguna Seca in just under a month's time. Unfortunately, just four days before I was scheduled to go down I managed to pick up a intestinal bug that saw me... quite ill. :o( I guess the only positive thing that came out of it was that I was definitely light this past weekend. (The glass must be half full right?) Thankfully a trip to the doctor the morning I left proved invaluable with some suggested remedies that actually took effect immediately. Thank goodness.

I spent all day Friday with Dan in the shop while he played with the 600 on his dyno experimenting with some new R-TECH fuels Gary Ricci had supplied us. Happy with what we found, we were optimistic with the initial performance readings our ZX6RR was providing with Gary's fuel. Cool!

Notes on practice:

It was really good to be racing with WMRRA at Seattle again. It's the club and track that I started racing with in 2000 and the people involved in the club as well as the racers are really good people that I genuinely enjoy being around. I also realized this is a big part of what I love about racing.

Practice as a whole went quite smoothly with Dan and I working on the gearing and set-up of our 600. By the end of the day we had a plan that we felt would see us at the front.

Notes on races:

Race 1 600 Supersport.

I had no disillusions entering this race. I knew I was going to have to work very hard to get anywhere near the front, the first hurtle being the start as I was gridded way back on the 9th row. That would be 8 rows too far back. The first few corners (or first few laps for that matter) were going to have to be "crazy". I got a decent start and was in about 15th going into turn 1. I kept it wide going into turn two, gambled, and went around the outside of several riders. One rider in particular saw me coming around the outside, got on the gas too hard and started to push us both wide as we came to the exit of two. I gritted my teeth, kept it pinned, and managed to just get in font of him before the exit. Into turn three I waited until I saw God, Allah, Buddha (whoever you believe in) and then went for the brake lever. Thankfully the ZX6RR stops exceptionally well, (insert shameless sponsor plug) because we use EBC brakes, and I managed to get in under several other riders. At this point I had actually made my way up to 7th and could see what I thought was the first group. I kept my head down working my way to 5th but was unable to make up the gap in the remaining laps.

Race 2 - 600 Superbike.

I had a better picture in my mind for this race of what it was going to take to run with the leaders. Again a aggressive start and first lap was in order, but the last race had illustrated our 600's strengths and weaknesses so I knew much more accurately where, and just how hard, I could push. I got a blinding start despite being on the 7th row. Without getting into too much detail I was only about three seconds behind the leaders as I came out of turn three (Sorry to all the guys I passed rather aggressively). I put in two really clean laps and was right on Barry Wressell's rear fender coming out of turn four. Our group of five riders, Mike Sullivan, Barry, Nathan Hester and Eli Edwards, were running a very fast pace with the lap times in the mid to low 28's. As I understand it, Mike set a new 600 lap record at 28.1. We were flying. Unfortunately at this pace, I was now discovering new limitations of the ZX6RR on exits of turn two, seven and nine, and wasn't able to mount any serious challenge for a win. No excuses though, I rode my ass off and only made a few mistakes so I was content with my effort. The Zlock Racing ZX6RR worked better than any 600 I have ever ridden, and the competition had a little more than we could handle on this day.

Regardless of the 4th place finish I am ecstatic about the performance of our new 600 and what that holds for the near future. With this event essentially being the first time we have had the bike at a real race track, we couldn't have asked for much more. Again, it's a testimonial to the tuning abilities of Dan Zlock. I can't overstress how truly fortunate I am to be riding for and associated with him and the whole Zlock Team. I really do have the best people and sponsors behind me.

From here we start preparing for our trip to Laguna in July. I'm going to keep up with my training, ride as much SuperMoto as possible, and go into that weekend the most competitive and focused I have ever been. As you can most likely tell by the tone of this report, I'm excited and extremely motivated.


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Dan "slaving"
He hates when I
take photos like this :o)

The 600

The pits

Dan still "slaving"

Dan and I

Richard Lerud (Tyr SOX),
Dan Zlock, Dale Zlock

Mike Sullivan and I

Kodi was ready and
packed to go with Dad.


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