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Superbike Race 1 - 3rd

600 SuperSport - 2nd

SuperBike Race 2 - 1st


I quite literally have so many people to thank I don't know where to begin. Just look to the right at the sponsor bar and know that every company, service provider and or person on that list plays an intricate role to any success we have on the racetrack. I sincerely thank everyone for their continued support. I must however give a special thanks to Jay Tait, James Cyr and Marc Burgess for working so hard as my crew this weekend. Also, I am really happy with how well things are working with Jay and James as my crew for the Mission races. Also, I would like to thank Scott & Chris Ponuick for their continuing friendship and hospitality. Thanks guys.

Notes on practice:
The big buzz around the pits was that Steve Crevier was going to be racing with us this weekend. It turns out Steve was testing some parts for his 2005 CBR600RR Hindle Exhaust Pro 600 Sport Bike before the upcoming season opener in just a few weeks. So we knew the weekend was going to be interesting to say the least. We mounted up a set of soft Pirelli slicks as I wanted to see how the softer compound slicks would work around the track. My first few sessions were good as my lap times were easily within one second of race pace. As the afternoon went on we changed the tires to a soft DOT front and a Medium DOT rear to see how the DOT labeled tires would stack up. The tires combined with some race fuel and a few turns of spring on the front forks saw us dip into the 1:10's in practice. One slight issue was the fact that we were over the Mission sound limit of 95decebels. Thankfully Lee Hindle had sent us an insert for our Hindle pipe that saw the reading drop to the low 90's without losing too much power. Thanks Lee! Some new tires, race fuel and motivation were all that was needed and we were set to race.

Notes on races:
Race 1 - Superbike leg 1

For the race I had decided to run a Soft Pirelli front and a Medium Pirelli rear, which to be quite honest seemed to give me a little more feedback that running softs front and rear.
I got a reasonable start and went into turn one in third place right behind Mark Kruger and Steve Dick. I managed to get by Steve with a better drive out of turn three and set after Mark. I followed Mark for two laps to see what kind of pace he was running and felt I could take the lead. I put an inside pass on him going into seven and worked to click through some clean fast laps from there. Unfortunately a few laps later I made a mistake and braked too early going into turn one and Mark was able to nip up the inside with a good pass. With three laps to go I had my sights set on Mark but had my plan squashed when Steve Crevier put an excellent block pass on me going into turn one, then passed Mark on the last lap. Damn he's good. I worked really hard in the two remaining laps but wasn't able to get Mark and we finished nose-to-tail 1-2-3. Great race! We got 3rd.

Race 2 - Pro 600 Supersport
I wanted to win this one. I got a decent start and found myself in familiar territory right behind Mark going into turn one. From here we scraped it out for a few laps and I took the lead going into turn one on lap three. I just kept my head down and focused on getting in and out of the corners well to keep the lap times down. On the second to last lap Steve Crevier put another excellent pass on me going into turn two and I wasn't able to make it back. We finished in another tight group 1-2-3 this time in 2nd.

Race 3 - Superbike leg 3
This was going to be a scrap for sure. Steve Crevier had pole on his 600, Mark Kruger had second on his 600 and I was in position three on our little ZX6RR, not to mention the R1 ridden by Brent Luebkert,and the GSXR1000 ridden by Alan Schmidt. I launched quite well, but this time Steve got the hole shot followed closely by Mark. Then it happened; Mark & Steve came together going into one, both of them went tumbling down the track and I had to take evasive action to avoid running over Mark's head. In addition, a rider had crashed on the starting line so there was carnage everywhere. Unfortunately both Steve & Mark were out for the day thankfully unhurt.
On the restart I got the hole shot and led the race for the first four laps. I knew something big was behind me because I could hear the deep tone of the exhaust. Alan Schmidt blasted by me on the GSXR1000 going into turn four and I knew the race was on. I followed Alan for a lap to see if I was going to be able to retaliate in any way. Two laps from the end I put together a few corners and made a pass on Al going into the last turn - turn nine. I made it stick and was able to lead him across the line, but he blasted by me like I was tied to a post before we entered the kink to turn one. Those dam 1000's! I only had one shot and I knew it. I was going to have to wait until the last lap and try that pass again. The last lap was a flyer for me and I almost passed Al going into turn seven but decided to take the run on him into nine instead. I lined it up and shot in. Unfortunately it almost ended badly as Al must have either heard me or predicted that I was going to make that pass and proceeded to tighten his normal line as I came in on him. Unfortunately I was totally committed to the pass and on the inside. There was nothing I could do. I had to let off the brakes to avoid taking us both out and as Al continued to bring it in even tighter we bumped. He got on the gas to keep his position which spun up his rear tire and he almost got kicked off his bike. Thankfully he didn't crash. Meanwhile I was able to squirt off the corner and take the race win. A very tight and close race.

From here we are going to get to work with Dan and the team extracting some more HP from our 2005 ZX6RR. I really see a lot of potential with this bike and look forward to exploring what we can do with it this season.

Stay tuned.


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Crevier's "spares" bike - need parts?

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