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Series WMRC

These championships are dedicated
to the memory of Keith Pinkstaff

Round 6

Classes Races - Results

Superbike Race 1 - 2nd

600 SuperSport - 3rd

SuperBike Race 2 - 1st



As you can tell from the overall results, this past weekend (and season) has been an outstanding success. I cannot thank all the people, sponsors, friends and family involved enough. It wouldn't have happened without you.

Notes on Practice day

Weather conditions - wet and damp
Tires front / rear - soft front rain - medium rear rain
Total laps - 20
Best time - NA
Concerns/problems - Bike needs to turn more efficiently in wet conditions. Track is too wet in areas to really push.
: As the track was mostly damp all day we just worked on getting my quick shifter to work correctly, something we ultimately gave up on. In the end we removed it from the bike completely to eliminate any possible means of failure.

Race 1 - Super Bike Race 1
Weather conditions - Very wet
Tires front / rear - soft front rain - medium rear rain
Total laps - 8
Best time - 1:21.2
Result - 2nd
Concerns/problems - Bike is working well however the conditions are becoming worse
This was a difficult race for me mentally. To clinch the Superbike championship I only needed to finish in the top five, so I decided to play it a little safer and just follow the leader for the race. I got a decent start and led the first three laps. It felt strange to not push harder to win the race but logic dictated that I go for the overall championship and not the race win. We took second in the race clinching the 2005 WRMC Superbike Championship in the process.

Race 2 - 600 Supersport
Weather conditions - Downpour
Tires front / rear - soft front - medium rear
Total laps - 10
Best time - 1:24.5
Result - 3rd
Concerns/problems - Weather and track conditions continue to deteriorate.
This was a heads up race between me and another rider. Going in we were tied for the championship, so, in essence, whoever finished in front of the other would take the championship. Gotta love it. I got an excellent start but ended up in second going into turn one. The rider in front of me was the one I had to beat to win. I settled down and just started to ride intelligently as I am quite comfortable riding in the rain. The pace was decent enough to dip into some good lap times but I felt confident because I still go faster if needed. Unfortunately for the other rider, he misjudged his entry into turn four, tucked the front and crashed (thankfully unhurt). As there was no way I was going to risk the championship in any way, I immediately changed my game plan and cruised home in a very comfortable third place taking the 600 Championship in the process.

Race 3 - SuperBike Race 2
Weather conditions - Torrential rain and standing water
Tires front / rear - soft front - soft rear
Total laps - 6
Best time - 1:22.1
Result - 1st
Concerns/problems - About the worst conditions that I have ever raced in
Although we didn't have to race the final race of the day as we had already won the Superbike championship, I still wanted to put a stamp on the season with a strong finish in the last race. I got a decent start and was in second place going into turn two. Unfortunately, the rider in front got caught out in the fourth lap going into turn seven tucking the front, again thankfully unhurt. From here I just continued to turn consistent laps as Steve Dick was coming up on me, and he is also known for being lightning fast in the wet. Sadly the race was red flagged shortly after when another rider crashed quite badly coming out of turn six calling the race.

Well there you have it, our last official race of the 2005 season. It's been another fantastic year for me personally turning countless laps, travelling countless miles, spending countless dollars. :o) In the end we came out with two championships, more new friends, hundreds of racing stories, and most importantly another year living this thing called life doing what I absolutely love to do. Here's to more of that.

Stay tuned


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Going into Vancouver

New front Pirelli Rain

New Rear Pirelli Rain

Karla & Kodi came to the race

Team members celebrate the SuperBike Championship

Jay, James & I

So wet we had to "try" and dry out my rain gear


James working hard (as usual :o) )

Jay, James & I after the races


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