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Dale looking over the 600 - (He broke his collarbone in July - hence the sling)

Nothing leaking?

Dan looking things over

Of to work I go



Brian Moe

Brian Pinkstaff


It's hot - Not a good to forget my PUG Gear at home


Work begins on the Hindle pipe



Kevin "brown belt" Pinkstaff



OMRRA Round 4


Series: OMRRA
Date: Aug 1

Classes raced and results
600 Supersport -
650 GP Twins - 1st
600 Superbike - 4th
MW Superbike - 1st

After a few weeks off from racing it felt good to get back into the swing of things (though we haven't exactly been sitting on the couch). We had the opportunity to test our 2008 ZX10R Superbike at a PSSR track day. Though I didn't turn a phenomenal amount of laps, I came away really impressed with the bike's power and initial feel. With some development time and suspension set-up with GP Suspension, I think it could be a race winner.

I have to thank some key sponsors for coming through in a big way over the last few weeks. HUGE thanks to Jim @ Silkolene for their continued support, James @ Oakley for setting me up with some mighty fine product, Gary @ R-Tech for keeping the fuel flowing, and Tom @ Competition Motors for his support.

Also, I have to say thanks to Dan and the team for their efforts. Dan spent considerable time working with the 600 recently and, as usual, he produced a phenomenally fast machine. Thanks Dan.

Notes on Practice:
Practice became an exercise in frustration as I was immediately black flagged because, as it turned out, our Hindle exhaust was just a few decibels over the limit. Not a big deal as it simply needed to be re-packed, but on a day where we only had two short practices before racing it would have been nice to put in at least two flying laps.

Race 1
600 SuperSport
Weather conditions - dry/cool
Tires front / rear - DOT, soft front & dot soft rear
Total laps - 12
Result - 5th and then Dq'ed

I got off second row and slotted myself into third going into the second lap. The first few laps went extremely well and everything was working. Then, on the 5th lap, I a made a big mistake - in turn four I locked the front wheel for several feet. Unfortunately this cost me at least two seconds and the lead riders started to break away. At this point I simply didn't get the job done. I was missing shifts, not hitting my marks, and generally not riding well. With this, the pack caught up to me and, by the checkered flag I was in 5th. I was pretty much disgusted with my performance. Then, as we came into the pits, OMRRA officials pulled most of the top bikes to the side for a visual inspection. As it turned out, OMRRA does not allow the use of Quickshifters in their "Supersport" classes. And guess what - we had one and it was plugged in. That equaled disqualification. In the end it's our fault for not knowing the rulebook, as we would have unplugged it had we known. But I have to admit I was frustrated and feeling as though we just wasted tires and gas for nothing. Oh well - lesson learned.

Race 2
650 GP Twins
Weather conditions - warm & dry
Tires front / rear -DOT soft - soft
Total laps - 12
Result - 1st

I got the hole-shot in this one and led the pack into turn one. With my next 600 race just a few after this one, I focused on using the time on the SV to test some slightly different lines that I might apply to the 600 race. I was lucky as the Zlock SVZR is so flipping fast that you can run a 600 line with it. In the end I managed to get the win.

Race 3
600 SuperBike
Weather conditions - warm & dry
Tires front / rear - soft DOT front - soft DOT rear
Total laps - 12
Result 4th

I have to say this was a challenging, but rewarding race. Despite three red flags, and therefore three restarts, I did well in all of them to place myself in the lead group. I managed to get into third for a bit before getting nipped on the fourth lap. My times, and more importantly, their consistency, were much better as I was just letting the bike do its thing. Despite not finishing higher, I'm happy with the feeling from the bike as we were much closer in the second race.

Race 4
Middle Weight Superbike
Weather conditions - warm & dry
Tires front / rear - soft DOT front - soft DOT rear
Total laps - 12
Result - 1st

I got hole-shot again in this one and managed to get a small gap on the field. I could see Brian and Kevin Pinkstaff on my tail as I exited turn four, so I kept the bike working through key sections to maintain the gap. Luckily, the SV brought me home for the win.

Again, a tremendous thank you to everyone involved in our race program. We wouldn't be doing it without you.

Next race - August 9-10 in Seattle.

Stay tuned