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These race wins are dedicated to Howard Pinkstaff (Front center)
6/22/21 - 3-27/08

Photo: Brandon Bones

Photo: Brandon Bones

Photo: Brandon Bones

Photo: Brandon Bones

Dawn Moyou

Yes, that is snow

The lower on our 600

Our 08 - 600

Dan "Slavin"

This is what we woke up to on Sunday morning

Note the snow

Why is the whole team in the trailer?.....

Because of this... heat...

Mark from ACME

Dan before coffee

Dan after coffee

Dale - nice hat bud...

Brian & Kevin Pinkstaff - Brian Moe & Mark Bothe

Erin Gua


WMRRA Round 1


Series: WMRRA
Date: March 30th

Classes raced and results
600 Supersport -
LW Superbike
- 1st
600 Superbike - 2nd
MW GP Twins - 1st

Welcome to another year of racing!

Lots to tell you about our first race weekend of 2008, but, before I get into all of that, here’s what’s new and what you can expect for this year. Where am I racing? 2008 will see me racing in the US for Zlock Racing on Kawasaki and Suzuki equipment. We plan to contest the WMRRA and OMRRA series as well as some AMA nationals in the west as they are relatively close, proximity-wise, to the team headquarters in Spanaway, Washington. You might see me race the Canadian National series this year, but more on that as it “evolves.”

First on the “what’s new” list is the all new website (you probably already noticed) designed and hosted by Radar Hill.

Second, you’ll note some new sponsors for 2008. The first is Kawasaki USA, along with Bruce Galvin (of Kawi USA), who has stepped up to get us our Kawasaki equipment this year. I’d like to offer a huge thanks to Bruce and the folks at Poulson’s for their efforts.

Also, you’ll notice I’m wearing a new chest protector (although it’s under the leathers) sponsored by Mark and Elaine at ACME Moto wear.

And you’ll also see me traveling in style this year with gear bags from Jeff @ OGIO – Thanks to these and all my sponsors who enable us to do what we do.

The winter was a very productive one for me. I spent a lot of time training with my personal trainer Dawn Moyou, who happens to be the owner of the gym that sponsors me: Planet Fitness. Dawn did a phenomenal job and pushed me hard to build my strength to an all-time high without putting on too much weight from the added mass. Although I’m slightly heavier than last year, by about eight pounds, I’m certainly not lacking the strength to do my job on the bike. I really have to thank Dawn for all her efforts and I’m fortunate to have her in my program.

I also spent considerable time riding at my local track Western Speedway. With sponsorship from them I had the opportunity to ride my supermoto more than I ever have in the off-season and, as a result, I focused on some weak points in my riding. Thankfully Kodi loves riding her mini supermoto with Dad and I’m blown away with how far she’s come this year. Being only six years old I think she’ll be faster than me by the time she’s ten. As I tell my friends, I’ve got to work on my retirement plan with her. :o)

Anyway, on to the racing at hand.

Notes on practice:

Unbelievably the days leading up to the race were well below the freezing point with generous amounts of snow falling and no sign of the inclement weather abating until after the race weekend. Sure enough, come the race weekend, we were greeted to the absolute coldest temperatures I have ever raced in. But hey, everyone else had the same things to contend with, so on we went with the show—though there were times when I doubted our sanity. Especially when we started Sunday morning off with a team snowball fight. Let’s just say it’s a good thing we race motorcycles more effectively than we throw snowballs.

Race 1
600 SuperBike
Weather conditions – cold & wet
Tires front / rear – full rain front – full rain rear
Total laps - 10
Result – 3rd

I did well to get off the front row to slot myself into third going into turn three with Eli Edwards and Jake Rower in front of me. From there I actually sat and watched the show as Jake pounced all over Eli in the first few laps with them coming together in the process. Thankfully for both riders they didn’t manage to take themselves out with the “antics”; however I opted to stay as far out of it as I could because I surely didn’t want any part of that action. The funny thing is, just before I went out Dale Zlock was talking to me and said quite emphatically: “it’s time to know when to go slow.” His words seemed to stick with me and to be honest, I just said to myself, take a safe third and fight when we have a better hand. Seems weird for me to think this way, but the logic seemed undeniable at the time.

Race 2
650 GP Twins
Weather conditions - cool & damp
Tires front / rear – soft rain - med rain (turbine)
Total laps - 10
Result - 1st

Despite not having any practise on the SV650ZR I knew we had a shot to win with it. To put it mildly, Dan’s SV Superbike makes me look much better than I actually am. But hey, I’ll take it! I got a killer start and led the field into turn two. With the track 60 per cent dry I knew the race, depending on the pace, was going to involve some degree of tire management. With that I took it relatively easy on the tire and had an excellent race with Josh Ellingson. His bike was working really well, no doubt because Dan had built his engine, but he was a little to aggressive on the exits of the corners and unfortunately roasted his rear tire with just a few laps remaining. Thankfully my Pirelli Turbine rain had held up much better than his tire and I was able to put in a few quick laps at the end to grab the win.

Race 3
600 SuperBike
Weather conditions - cool & dry
Tires front / rear - soft dot front - med dot rear
Total laps – 8
Result 2nd

Racing 600’s in these classes is like going out to dinner with a family of axe murders. It’s a crazy class that sees some pretty awesome racing. To be honest, I love it right now! I got an awesome start from the second row and managed to get into the top three going into turn two. It was pretty much the usual suspects with Eli Edwards, Mike Sullivan and I going for the win. Eli managed to get out front and was looking pretty strong so I managed to squeeze by Mike in an effort to stay with Eli. Sure enough Mike wasn’t having anything to do with that and, at one point, proceeded to pass me on the outside of turn three. The old dog still has some tricks up his sleeve. Unfortunately, our race was then cut short when a rider fell in turn eight bringing out the red flag and a premature end to what was shaping up to be another epic battle… To be continued.

Race 4
Middle Weight Superbike
Weather conditions - cool & dry
Tires front / rear - soft dot front - soft dot rear
Total laps - 10
Result - 1st

This round came up almost right after the 600 race, so I knew exactly what the track conditions were and what I could expect. With that I decided to go hard right from the start and put in at least two decent laps right from the get-go. I managed to do well off the line and rode into the lead going into turn two. I really pushed the bike hard out of turn two and into three in an effort to break away as much as I could. Luckily it worked and I managed to get a small gap from the field in my first two laps. From there I kept things as constant as I could from the directions on pit wall and managed to keep the lead to the end.

All-in-all I’m not too disappointed with this weekend’s results. Although I don’t think I rode exceptionally well, I know what I want to work on over the next week to improve. I feel there are some holes in my game that I need to close up if I want to find those tenths of a second I lose sleep over at night.

Again, I couldn’t be doing any of this without the help from all my sponsors, fiends and family. Thanks to all of you, especially Dan, Dale and the whole Zlock Racing team for all you do.

Next race in two weeks in Portland – A completely new surface and layout. – Should be exciting.

Stay tuned