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Time to test the new Pirelli Rains?

Boots by Sidi

Dale and Jeff

Tom Young and Kevin Pinkstaff

Brian Moe

Dustin, Elaine (SuperWoman), Mark and Dave

Jeff "Margarita Ville"


That's "Mr." MotoBits to you pal

Taco Bell?

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Jeff and Francie

Dave from GP


OMRRA Round 2


Series: OMRRA
Date: May 2 -3

Classes raced and results
600 Supersport -
600 Superbike - 4th

This season is dedicated to the memory of my friends, Mike Battle, Keith Pinkstaff and Duane Grand - gone, but never forgotten.

The weeks leading up to this race weekend were really good for me as I had time to get some things done, train hard, and even go fly fishing on the Cowichan River, so I felt quite rested and prepared going in. The team, and some of our key sponsors, weren't so fortunate. Dan, Dale and the team have been working around the clock to get our equipment ready and competitive, so I have to thank them for their tremendous efforts. Also, people like Trevor at Flexi Glass, Dave and Ben at GP Suspension, and Rob Burns at Burns Motorsports really came through. On the safety side of things Joe Rocket has me in a brand new version of their racing suit and Sidi has me wearing their amazing new Vortice boots. So a huge thanks to all these sponsors and more that keep us racing. Finally, I would like to thank Jeff and Francie for their hospitality this past weekend. They brought up their motorhome and spoiled us with great food and great company, so a big thanks to them!

Practice was literally a washout (see pictures) as I got in all but three laps until the heavens opened up and dumped the most water I've ever seen in Portland. In any event we did manage to test our wet set-up and I think we'll be competitive when the time comes.

Race one - 600 Supersport
I have to admit that this was an extremely frustrating race for me. Specifically, I'm having a challenge in my confidence with the front end of our 600. I would be putting in a decent lap and almost crash in certain sections of the track where I know we should, and have to, go faster. This is something Dan and I are going to resolve quickly after testing some changes to get the feedback that I need.

Race two - 600 Superbike
This was a better race for me personally, although, the result doesn't show it. Between races Dave Hodges from GP Suspension worked on our forks in an effort to improve my confidence. Although I think we made progress, we're still not at a place where the lap times are coming. We'll keep chipping away until we get there.

To say I'm frustrated with my progress on the 600 this season is an understatement. I have the equipment, the team, and the tires to win races but I'm just not getting the job done. It's time for me to step up and find solutions with my riding - no excuses.

Stay tuned. - Next race, next weekend in Seattle!