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OMRRA Round 6 & 7 Finale


Series: OMRRA
Date: Aug 22nd - 23rd

Classes raced and results
600 Supersport -
2nd & 1st
LW Superbike
- 1st & 1st
600 Superbike - 2nd &1st
650 GP Twins - 1st &1st

What a way to end the season at OMMRA. So much to tell you all about I really don't know where to begin. In any event, here goes. OMMRA decided earlier in the year that it was financially better if they didn't run the originally scheduled finale in October. Rather they combined it with the penultimate round in August making it a double header weekend. IMHO this was/is a great idea as typically the weather in Portland is much more agreeable to racing in August than October. And thankfully, the weather was perfect.

Thank you(s). - As always I need to thank the sponsors, friends and family that support me in this. Specifically, for this weekend special thanks to the following. Dan, Dale and the team, Bruce Porter with Arai Helmets, Tom Young and Pirelli Tires, Jeff and Francie LaMarche, the Pinkstaffs, and all my fellow racers like Mike Sullivan & Alan Schmidt. This was Mikes last weekend of racing at OMRRA as he is retiring at the end of this season. I'll write more after the last round at WMRRA but it was great to be in his last race here.

Day 1 - Race 1 - 600 Supersport.
It was business as usual on the start with Alan Schmidt, Mike Sullivan and I jockeying for position going into turn one. Sully's bike developed a mechanical issue early on and he was forced to pull out of the race leaving the fight to Alan and I. Basically, Alan and I changed the lead on almost every lap but Alan did a better job than I did through lapped traffic and took the win.

Day 1 - Race 2 - 650 GP Twins
I got an excellent start and pushed the bike hard for the first three laps of the race. Again, the SVZR's outright horsepower gave me the advantage on the straights and I was able to win.

Day 1 - Race 3 - 600 Superbike
This was one heck of a race between Alan and I. Unfortunately, Mike wasn't on his "A" bike so he wasn't in the mix like he usually is but Al and I certainly duked it out. Long story short we passed each other at least twice per lap and it came down to the last lap where my strategy was to get a run on him to the finish line. In the end I came up less than half a bike length short, just .005 of a second from the win. It doesn't get much closer than that.

Day 1 - Race 4 - Middleweight Superbike
I knew I had my work cut out for me in this race. Cedric Smith was on his wicked superbike and was gunning to beat me. I did well off the start and really pushed the bike for the first three laps. In the process I managed my best laps ever around Portland on the SVZR getting several 1:12's with the best being a 1:12.8. With some luck through traffic I was able to net the win.

Day 2 - Race 1 - 600 Supersport
Hands down one of the best races I have had all season. With Mike sidelined it came down to Al and I, or so I thought until Brian Pinkstaff got the hole shot and showed us all how to do a first lap. Well done Bri! Al and I eventually got by Brian and set off on a battle royal passing each other several times per lap. It was shaping up to be a carbon copy of the previous days race but this time I got lucky through traffic and was able to beat Al to the line. A GREAT race and one that felt pretty good to win.

Day 2 - Race 2 - Middleweight Superbike
I lined up for this race with a lot on my mind. I wanted to do well as it was a memorial race for the Youst family as they had sponsored the race. I also wanted to conserve my energy as the 600 superbike race was immediately after this one. My game plan was as it had been on the SVZR. Get a good start, put in some quality laps and see where we are. Luckily my plan worked and I was able get a small gap and hold it to the line for the win. Again a thank you to the Youst family for sponsoring this race and condolences for their loss.

Day 2 - Race 3 - 600 Superbike
This was a bit of a weird race as Al decided not to run in it as he had wrapped up the overall championship already - congrats to him - and Mike wasn't on his usual machine so it left the first part of the race less dramatic than usual. I got a decent start and just put in laps like they were practice, focusing on hitting my marks and getting my timing down. Unfortunately, the race was red flagged just past the halfway mark and they called it for the day so, once again, I got lucky and took the win and took the 2009 OMMRA 600 Superbike Championship!

Day 2 - Race 4 - 650 GP Twins
With this being my last race in 2009 at Portland I really took in the ride and enjoyed the race. The SVZR just flat our rocks and I had a huge smile on my face for each and every lap. Banging gears as the bike shot out of turn four and then under the cooler shadows from the canopy of trees in turn six I was literally in my very own Kodak moment. Man, I love racing! Thanks to Dan and the team for the opportunity to ride the SVZR, it makes riding just that much more fun! - With te win we took the 2009 OMRRA 650 GP Twin Championship!

Well from here I have four days off then it's off to the penultimate round for WMRRA.

Stay tuned lots of news coming