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Here is a video from practice on the SVZR. It's only a lap and a half and unfortunately the angle on the lens wasn't quite wide enough. - Note the cameo from Dan in the very beginning!

Brad Gua



Dale, smiling because he took Mike Sullivan's money in a game of golf.

Dan - working hard

Dale - working just as hard

One, with bugs


WMRRA Round 3


Series: WMRRA
Date: May 23 - 24

Classes raced and results
600 Supersport -
LW Superbike
- 1st
600 Superbike - 2nd
MW GP Twins - 1st

This season is dedicated to the memory of my friends, Mike Battle, Keith Pinkstaff and Duane Grand -gone, but never forgotten.

Before I begin I want to congratulate Brian Pinkstaff on his amazing performance at his first US National, and to James Cyr, my past crew, who is now racing and won his first ever race last weekend. Well done lads.

To all the US folks reading this - Happy Memorial Day. I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.

Welcome back to Spokane. After a few years absence on the WMRRA schedule due to "ownership and financial challenges", we made our way east to this fast and flowing track.

Practice went well and we found ourselves on pace within a few laps.

Race one 600 SuperSport.
I did all right off the line and slotted into third behind Mike Sullivan going into turn two. From here I pushed as hard as I could but wasn't able to get by Mike or Aaron Guinn who passed me right near the end to nick third from me. Fortunately the race illustrated to me where we were lacking and after discussing the deficiencies with Dan & Dale we made some changes for the next day.

Race two - LW Superbike.
I got a horrible start in this one and found myself in third going into turn two. Thanks to the outright speed of the SVZR, I managed to draft into second pace by the end of the lap and headed off to get the leader. In the process I managed to pull a 1:33.9 on the SVZR, which actually surprised me as I had talked to Dan earlier and even said I didn't think I could do a 33. Now he'll expect those every lap. :o)

Race three - Part I and II
I did well in both restarts of this race to get into third going into turn two. By the end of the first few laps I had managed to get by Mike Sullivan and slot in behind the leader, Eli Edwards. Unfortunately, the red flag flew two times and they moved the remainder of our race to the end of the day.

Race three - GP Twins
I nailed the start of this one and managed to actually take the lead going into turn two. From here I just put in some clean, consistent laps and luckily managed to get the win. I've got to say I was really enjoying my riding this weekend, sliding around and playing a little. The SVZR also lets me do this with relative ease.

Race three - the finale
After three hours of downtime waiting to get this race going I was happy to hear the horn to grid up. I got a decent start but struggled through the first two turns and found myself just behind Mike Sullivan and Eli Edwards. I drafted Mike down the straight and set off to get Eli. Honestly Eli's been riding exceptionally well and I can't take anything away from him, but I wasn't going to let this one go. I pushed hard and came up on Eli. It was interesting to see his strengths on certain sections of the track, and compare where I was weaker or stronger. In the end I came up just short, but it was one heck of a race with Sully right on my rear fender the whole time.

Huge thanks to Tom Young and Pirelli, my family, sponsors, and friends. Of course, a huge thanks to Dan, Dale and the Zlock team.

Stay tuned, next race, next weekend.