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Photo Brandon Bones
Special thanks to Brandon
for all his efforts over
the years. (Brandon
just moved to Texas,
so we wish him and
his family the best!
We'll miss you bud.)

Photo Brandon Bones

Photo Brandon Bones

Photo Brandon Bones

Photo Brandon Bones

Photo Brandon Bones

Photo Brandon Bones

Photo Brandon Bones

Tom Young

My sense of humor..
Sign says $20,000/month
But you'd think they could
use better signs if they
were actually making

Photo Kecia Aldridge
& Rick Oliver

WMRRA Round 6


Series: WMRRA
Date: Aug 9th

Classes raced and results
600 Supersport -
LW Superbike
- 1st
600 Superbike - 2nd
MW GP Twins - 1st

My luck seems to have run out as I missed my ferry home by five cars. A small price to pay for living on Vancouver Island. Good thing the weekend went much better than my trip home.

Again thank you to those that made this weekend successful - Dan, Dale & the team, the Gua's for their hospitality, and special thanks to Tom Young and Pirelli for giving me the tools to do my job this weekend.

600 Supersport
I pushed hard off the line and managed to get into third going into turn two. From here it became an all out war between Mike Sullivan and I for second place as Eli had gapped us by a few seconds. Racing with Mike was, as usual, an absolute pleasure. He won't give me an inch but I know that if we go into a corner together we'll both make it out. When you trust the guy you're racing with you can push each other hard, and we did. The champ put several good passes on me but I was lucky enough to hold him off to the line. Again, a great race.

600 Superbike
I was determined to put a dent in Eli's armour in this one. I can't take anything away from him as he was riding exceptionally well, but that doesn't mean I don't want to beat him on the racetrack. Alas, I wasn't able to beat him but I was able to make more of a race of it. I managed to keep the lap times within half a second during the entire race so it was much closer than the day earlier…but not close enough. Again, Mike and I battled for second and I got lucky through traffic to hold him off.

MW GP twins
With my mind fresh from the 600 race, the time on the SV was quite enjoyable. The times came relatively easily with almost all of them in the 1:31.6 range. I feel the bike has a 1:30 in it if I were able to put a decent lap together. With the SV running so well, I managed to get away with another win.

LW Superbike
I did alright off the line and put my head down for the first few laps, but the times I had achieved earlier weren't coming as easily. In fact, it took me almost four laps to get into the 31`s so I wasn't feeling as confident on the bike as I had earlier. Luckily the bike carried me through my inability and the victory.

Stay tuned. Next race in two weeks in Portland for the OMRRA finale double header weekend.