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Please note Images & Video from the weekend can be viewed here.


OMRRA Round 4


Series: OMRRA
Date: July 23-24

Classes raced and results

MW Superbike
Formula 4-

Hello Everyone.

A you'll see from the pictures and video I took some time with my kids before the round to relax and have some fun! And we did! (It is important for me to have my kids see their dad do his thing, to live his life!)  :)

This weekend marked the second time OMRRA & WMRRA have done a combined event. The results produce big grids stacked with great riders and equipment! Needless to say I was excited to get into this weekends races! I also have to acknowedge OMRRA & WMRRA on thier efforts and ability to put this together. The organizers did a phenomenal job!


Given the combined WMRRA/OMRRA weekend we had to qualify for our respective grid spots on Saturday morning.  Things went well as I was able to get a clean lap in (without any traffic) that was seven tenths off the class record. A testament to the bike's ability in the cooler morning air as it certainly wasn't the cleanest lap I've done. - Lucky.. This managed to get us pole position for our respective races.

Race one:
The starter for this race honestly screwed things up.  I was just lucky to have the bike in gear and be somewhat ready when he, rather unpredictably I might add, dropped the green flag.  With this I saw myself off the line with an unfair, IMHO, advantage. From there it was just a game of connecting the dots and rpm management to a lucky win. 

Race two:
Conditions for the race were just past optimal for Portland.  The temperature was into the high eighties and, from my experience, the track seems to "fall off" above this so I was expecting to have a few more slides than usual.  I managed to do really well off the line into turn one and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the race as I chased down the 600's that started in the wave before us. Also, there were some new people in the class riding exceptionally well on new equipment so I imagine we'll have even more company in the very near future! Bodes well.

What a lap looks like - Part four - Turn six.

Turn six is a very long right hand turn that makes up the majority of what we call the back straight. It's yet another place where the details add up BIG TIME.  With the drive from turn four and five (see past report) I'll now be focusing on making myself as aerodynamic as possible on the bike paying very close attention to the rpm's.  For me I find it's really important to also be smooth and gentle with the bikes controls through this section as I want to coax every ounce of energy from the bike and Pirelli tires. Because you're on the right hand side of the tire putting every bit of acceleration you can through it, if I'm not precise and "easy" on things it can compromise the grip which starts a chain reaction.  The telltale sign for me is if the rear suspension is starting to "pump" indicating that the tire is losing and gaining it's grip.  Now, we can dial in some rebound with our rear shock to help with this but my input has a far greater impact that a few clicks of the suspension.  With all this in play I keep the rpm's right in the "sauce" and time my shifts so that I stand the bike up onto the tallest part of the tire as I start to run into turn seven with maximum speed.  :)

Thanks Dan, Dale and the team and to everyone that makes this possible! - I'm grateful!

Stay tuned!


Images & Video from the weekend can be viewed here.