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Oliver's Guestbook

Name: Lorne Vogt
Where are you from? Nanaimo, BC,,,
Comments: Congrats on the Shannonville podium finish on the BMW and for your excellent example of controlling the race from the front (and winning) in the rain at Mission Raceway. I wish you lots of success in 2006!

Where are you from?

Name: Jim Guthrie
Where are you from? you know,,,,
Comments: good on you - congrats!! and good luck for the rest of the season....

Name: ""The Pigeon""
Where are you from? ""Cow Town""",
Comments: Great race Oliver! Congratulations on 3rd place", and passing Mike Taylor, wow," very impressive! We look forward to seeing you at the end of June.

Name: Jerry C.
Where are you from? Coquitlam, BC (you know),
Comments: Hi Oliver, you're a great rider and it sounds like you have an awesome team to back your talent on the track! Great placing in Shannonville and don't dispair about Mont Tremblant, you're a winner & you'll prevail!

Name: graham epp
Where are you from? glad to see you are doing well again this year hope to see you @ sbw this year along with the bmw demo fleet hope you can make it good luck
Comments: hello mr jervis

Name: Tyler Senchuk
Where are you from? Surrey, BC,,
Comments: Well done! I watched Oliver racing July 3rd at Mission. Very dominant performance. I was working Turn 3 and saw Oliver perform the most consistent passes through that section all day long, leading to the win in each event.

Name: Dan DORAIS
Where are you from?
Comments: Hey Oliver, congrats on the Wins at Mosport. We met in Tremblant, friend of André Richard, helped you guys with the dropped bike! Talked to André and I might join you guys on labor day week-end.

Name: Brad Helgason
Where are you from? PG
Comments: Keep up the outstanding results Oli, We are following your season closely and cheering you on all the way to number 1 this season. I will be lookin for the shocker podium pose for the next round of pics.....

Where are you from? TYRSWYRLD

Name: Josee "blueberry queen" Bouchard
Where are you from?
Comments: Wow! It’s over and now I’m depressed! Sorry I couldn’t stop by to say goodbye. By the time I finished all the stuff I had to do, the paddock was pretty much deserted. You had a hell of a race, congrats on that! Congrats also on the baby to come... that was news to me (see, there is more then 2 people that read your Blog!)

Where are you from?

Name: Lia van Roekelen
Where are you from? Utrecht, The Netherlands
Comments: Hallo Oliver, Corrie told me about the web-page and now I found your geustbook. See u are doing wel on motorbiking. Hi to Carla and Kodi and ........??, love, Lia

Name: Ginny
Where are you from? Seattle
Comments: It was nice meeting you on the plane to St. Louis. I hope you have a good visit with your friend. I gave my husband your URL. Good luck with your new son.

Name: Shelby Marquette
Where are you from? Prince George, BC
Comments: Hi Oliver! It's been awhile..congrats on all your successes! Mom and I were just checking out your website, she says "hi! and merry Christmas to you and the family (we hear you have two little ones now..)" I remember years ago riding on the back of your bike, glad to see you took your passion to the fullest! -shelb

Monday, April 10 at 03:08 PM:
Ron And Tina Base from Sacramento CA wrote:
"Hey Oli Congrats to you and the crew for the awesome top 20 finish at Daytona. Great reporting on the race, as always. Wonder if we will see you at Laguna this year? Take care Ron and Tina"

Friday, April 7 at 08:34 AM:
Lorne Vogt from Nanaimo, BC wrote:
"Double congratulations, Oliver! Congrats on finishing 18th in the 2006 Daytona 200, and congrats on getting a ride with BMW for the Canadian Thunder Series. Hope we still see you at Mission on occasion!"

Sunday, March 26 at 10:45 PM:
Ernie & Beverly Shultz from New Orleans,La. wrote:
"Congradulations on your run in Datona!"#18 -- Keep up the great work! "

Saturday, March 18 at 02:00 PM:
Nancy from Surrey, BC wrote:
"Great finish at Daytona! I'm looking forward to watching you race in Mission this year."

Monday, March 13 at 09:40 PM:
Brian Ens from Abby wrote:
"Way to go oli, NIce finsh. can't wait to see you at the track. I'm riding the ex650r this year should be fun."

Monday, March 13 at 05:04 PM:
aaron from langford, B.C. wrote:
"congratulations on your top 20 showing at daytona! the site is a little while since the last update- was that a full formula xtreme bike or a converted superstocker? there's not many people in our neighbourhood can say they came in 34 places above a motogp veteran!"

Sunday, March 12 at 08:23 PM:
Dan Batz from USA wrote:
"Good run, Oli and crew! See you at the track. Dan Batz PSSR"

Sunday, March 12 at 04:20 PM:
Tommy from USA wrote:
"Great work guys. Good resources here, I will bookmark! affiliateprogram"

Saturday, March 11 at 11:20 PM:
Your wife and daughter from Victoria wrote:
"Congratulations on your fantastic finish at Daytona! We're very proud of you."

Saturday, March 11 at 01:00 PM:
Tony from Seattle wrote:
"Way to go Oli! Congrats on your great finish at Daytona!"

Thursday, February 9 at 09:57 PM:
Doug Smith from Victoria B.C. Canada wrote:
"This is a great site for a great guy i only talked to you for a minute at the rc car races in juan de fuca but you seem like a genuine person, good luck in your racing and life."

Tuesday, January 3 at 02:56 AM:
Gordon from USA wrote:
"Site was very interesting for me I wish you and your site the best! "

Monday, January 2 at 09:43 PM:
Derrick from USA wrote:
"I enjoyed the time i spent on your website, thank you very much. "

Wednesday, December 28 at 05:32 PM:
Russell from USA wrote:
"Your site is great. I just happened to have a moment to surf the net and came across it. Thanks 4 the good information I have found on your site. Many Greetings! "

Saturday, December 24 at 12:24 AM:
Tom from USA wrote:
"Keep up the good work!"

Friday, December 23 at 04:51 PM:
Ryan from USA wrote:
"Excellent website! Congratulations."


Saturday, December 10 at 10:27 AM:
Sam Scott from N.Ireland wrote:
"Lovely website, alot of sponsors there. Keep her lit' Sam"

Thursday, December 8 at 12:32 AM:
Rob Sawyer from Cypress, CA wrote:
"Maybe this one: Young Young Shabu Shabu in Victoria, BC Let me know if it is any good (or if it even exists!). Rob Sawyer"

Thursday, December 8 at 12:15 AM:
Rob Sawyer from Cypress, CA wrote:
"Oliver, It was pleasure to meet you today on the plane ride to OC. Wasn't a long trip, but it didn't take long to see you are a good guy. I can't say I follow MC racing much, but I will look for you when I see any rases from now on. BTW: I did some searching for Japanese "Shabu-Shabu" restaurants in Victoria.

Sunday, October 30 at 06:32 PM:
Bevelry and Ernie Shultz from New Orleans,La. wrote:
"Happy Birthday! This is the greatest kid on earth from the day Oliver was born unto the Man that rides that awesome bike today!!!Congradulations Ollie! Keep up the great work!!!!Your friends,Beverly and Ernie"

Thursday, October 27 at 06:56 AM:
Dean & Junes from Victoria wrote:
"Good job Oli! Geez, you write, you race, you promote, and yet you still remain a truly nice guy. Must be something to that plain rice & boiled chicken diet. Congrats from both of us. You can have my hair clippings anytime."


Friday, October 21 at 03:19 PM:
Ian Miller from Victoria, B.C. wrote:
"Ollie....excellent news on your two championships, many congrats from all the "Mad Foresters"..... You rock!!!"


Monday, October 17 at 09:12 AM:
Kodi Jervis from Victoria wrote:
"I love you Daddy! Congratulations on winning two championships this weekend!"

Friday, October 14 at 11:40 AM:
Sabrina from WLG wrote:



Monday, September 12 at 11:50 AM:
stacie gawne from richmond bc wrote:
"I had to jump on this site after watching the races at mission sept 11! the announcer guy told me that the web page was great - had to check it out for myself! "

Saturday, September 10 at 08:08 AM:
Charly from wrote:
"Searched and Surfed your page great work"

Wednesday, September 7 at 03:09 PM:
Terry from wrote:
"Searched and Surfed your page great work"


Monday, August 29 at 01:16 PM:
Rosty from wrote:
"Awesome site"

Thursday, July 28 at 08:18 PM:
Andy Octavo from Seattle wrote:
"Ollie ... what hell are you up to man? Long time no see, eh? ... keep the rubber side down ... laterz!!!"

Wednesday, June 15 at 04:11 AM:
Ben Guthrie from 100 Nile house wrote:
"Hey Good job on your last race and good luck on th next one"

Thursday, March 17 at 07:40 AM:
Robert from Victoria wrote:
"Good job on the comeback in daytona. Still think you should have placed at least in the top 20 or top 10. Must have had problems (?) Would have liked to see you in top 10 instead of Chris!!"

Sunday, March 6 at 11:50 PM:
Barry Parsons from Victoria wrote:
"I just wanted to wish you luck Oli in the upcoming Daytona 200. All the Best Buddy!!! "

Thursday, May 27 at 01:14 PM:
Adam Collins from Victoria wrote:
"Hi Uncle Oli, I have lots of new friends at School. Bye! Adam"

Thursday, May 27 at 01:13 PM:
Cyndy Robbins from Victoria wrote:
"Hey Oli, thanks for the awesome picture of Scott and I. Hot day in Mission for seeing my first race. Great stuff!! Enjoy your minivan!! Ciao Cyn"

Wednesday, May 26 at 03:22 PM:
Patrick Muirhead from Prince George wrote:
"Hey Ollie. missed you at the bike show in Abby this year. didn't get a chance to say hi to you at Mission this past weekend either. been keeping up on your website though. keep up the good work!!"

Sunday, February 8 at 12:23 AM:
Kodi Jervis from Victoria, BC wrote:
"Hi Daddy. I love you Daddy."

Tuesday, February 3 at 10:32 AM:
Dee Dee Sjogren from Sunshine Coast, B.C. wrote:
"Team Sjogren would like to acknowledge Oliver Jervis as an outstanding participant in all aspects of life. We continue to be impressed by Oliver's immense talents. As our past business coach he encouraged us to make every day a "phenomenal day"! Oliver lives by those words. Go Oliver. You rock. Love your fans from your Real Estate days. xoxoxoxox Chris, Dianne & DeeDee "

Thursday, January 29 at 01:37 PM:
Ian Anguish from Victoria, wrote:
"Was talking to Jamie Dick at Action this morning. Said you might have a deal for the Boxer Cup at Daytona. Mein Gott! We'll all take up a collection for extra cylinder head sliders. Let us know your plans for the season. Good Luck!"

Tuesday, January 13 at 02:55 PM:
The guy you can't beat.OK BARRY!! from Washington wrote:
"I'll save this #2 plate for you since I'll have the #1 plate in 2004. Good Luck!"

Monday, January 5 at 01:56 PM:
Boud Number One from Centralia wrote:
"Hello My Little Bacon Bit! This is not Alex, but Casey. I apologize for the "filthy socialist" comment, let me assure you that I had nothing to do with it. I just got through listening to the Sullivan's answering machine and was quite hurt & offended that my name was not included in your New Year's greeting. Please remedy the situation immediately. Ta Ta,"

Wednesday, December 10 at 01:33 PM:
The Omnipotent Bouds from Centralia wrote:
"Dearest Bacon, it was so refreshing to see you at the Bike Show in Seattle this weekend past. Your lilting Canadian accent wafting through the air brightened our day. You could say pigeons were soaring through our collective heart. We have decided that even though you are a filthy socialist, you are still a decent person. Perhaps we will come visit you in Victoria some time. You can take us to tea. Much Love, Go Canada!"

Wednesday, December 3 at 03:41 PM:
Adam Lewis from Victoria B.C. wrote:
"Good to see when I was at S+G Power, sorry I thought you were working there. All the best..."

Tuesday, December 2 at 04:38 PM:
Jason Rosenbaum from North Vancouver B.C. wrote:
"Nice lil site, hopefully I will be nipping at your heels at Mission soon."

Friday, November 21 at 06:52 PM:
Kailee from Heaven...sometimes Hell...depends on day, time etc. wrote:
"My daddy is still faster then your daddy! (Sorry Kodi, my dad made me type this)"

Friday, November 14 at 10:58 AM:
The Bouds from Washington State, USA wrote:
"Hello Bacon! This is your Centralia, WA contingent (aka Casey & Alex) we realize that we haven't written in awhile-- Hope you aren't miffed at us. We think your website rocks! Go Canada!"

Sunday, October 12 at 08:36 PM:
Rodrigo Scolaro from Brasil>Parana>Paranagua wrote:

Thursday, September 11 at 03:38 PM:
Chim-Chim from Undisclosed location of Couch Racer Magazine Headquarters wrote:
"Wow! Let me just say you are fantastic! Good looking, fast, and Canadian to boot! I would like to offer you the proud sponsorship of Couch Racer Magazine-you'd be surprised at how many doors will open for you with our name behind you. I really liked meeting you at PIR.. You are a really nice guy. Hope to see you in Spokane."

Friday, September 5 at 09:48 PM:
Kodi Jervis from Victoria, BC wrote:
"I love my Daddy."

Saturday, August 23 at 10:49 PM:
Chris Backus from Omaha, Nebraska wrote:
"Hope you have a good season."

Thursday, July 17 at 07:40 PM:
Tony from Boise wrote:
"Wish I could have made it to Laguna, would have been awesome to see you race. I'll be watching SpeedTV next Tuesday to watch the Formula Extreme race, maybe we'll see your close call on it. Good luck with your races to come!"

Wednesday, July 16 at 12:36 PM:
Ron & Tina Base from Sacramento CA wrote:
"Wow Oliver, what an awesome save coming out of turn 5 at Laguna! You gave us a real thrill and a new meaning to the term "Ballsy". We'll keep an eye on you kiddo!! Safe riding Ron & Tina Base :0)"

Sunday, May 11 at 11:22 AM:
Misti from Vancouver wrote:
"Hey Oliwood, Good luck this season! Kick ass and ride hard, you are doing awesome! Thanks so much for your all your help, I'll see you in Spokane......"

Monday, March 17 at 11:55 PM:
Simon from The Persian Gulf also wrote:
"I don't know who was more excited about you racing at or me??? Well done on both races and keep your head down. i'll see you soon..."

Sunday, March 16 at 10:53 PM:
Andy Thaler from in the Persian Gulf wrote:
"Awesome pictures from Daytona. Don't worry about the DNF, you did a great job representing Canada in the AMA. Keep up the good work, see you soon"

Saturday, March 8 at 11:10 PM:
Macronads from The land o' plenty wrote:
"Me and my buddy Uncle Sam think that your great. Keep up the good work and open up a Kokenie to celebrate your great site, eh?"

Saturday, March 8 at 11:10 AM:
Tony from Boise (Santa Cruz this summer) wrote:
"Its great to see you're in the Daytona 200! Good luck! Hopefully see you at Laguna"

Friday, March 7 at 09:18 PM:
Simon from still in the persian gulf wrote:
"Hi oli! congrate on the qualifying at Daytona. Good luck and ride the wheels off that bike. All the best, simon"

Sunday, March 2 at 09:43 PM:
Simon Paquette from The persian gulf wrote:
"Hey oli! long time no see and it looks like it will be even longer. congrat on your AMA ride and best of luck this season. cheers, simon"

Thursday, February 27 at 08:12 AM:
Andy Thaler from HMCS Winnipeg (in the Gulf) wrote:
"Hi Oli, I have been visiting your website from at sea over satellite. It looks really good. Best of luck in the AMA, I know that you will do well. Take care, Andy"

Friday, January 24 at 04:27 PM:
Andrew VanWinkle from Vancouver, WA wrote:
"wow this site is great, i have a buddy that races motorcycles too, and his website looks almost exactly like this!!! It must be like the industry standard site layout. Anyway good luck in 2003 Jervtastic!! Andy"

Wednesday, January 22 at 11:58 AM:
austin winn from Richmond, BC wrote:
"Good luck Oliver in 2003!"

Sorry everyone.... But my last site update erased the last few messages. Please post your messages again.

Monday, December 2 at 11:28 PM:
Joker from Here honey! wrote:
"Hi Nice job! I am so proud of you son! I was shopping for a racing bodywork for my bike and I found you! Now you can help me to find it :) How are things going there? I hope you are doing well and give me a call when you get some more of those tires. I want some and that guy that was suppost to buy kinda made up his mind now! I know! Well better later than ever! See you later! I am going to check you galery now! Asta la vista!"

Friday, November 22 at 11:50 PM:
Terry Clairmont from Victoria B.C wrote:
"great web site oli. hope you can do just as well if not better this year with racing."

Sunday, November 10 at 08:20 AM:
Ron Kubek from his past wrote:
"Hey great web page. I am really proud of all that you have become and i was glad to have had you work with me. You are a great success and i see more in your future. Your the best!!! ps. say hi to Karla for me. Ron"

Friday, November 8 at 09:01 AM:
Derrick from Victoria Bc wrote:
"Hey Oliver, damm just looked at one of your Videos, Action from WMRRA Round 3, great control after you were bumped into. Still a cool site and more Vids please :o)"

Sunday, November 3 at 03:53 PM:
Dean from Victoria wrote:
"Oliver.. email me so i can send you some cute pics of Codi (spelling). I have pics of her on Andi's Duc.... deano"

Thursday, July 25 at 01:41 PM:
Mindy from Victoria wrote:
"Finally got to see this incredible web sight...couldn't think of a nicer guy to follow in my brothers footsteps... Way to go Oliver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Thursday, July 18 at 10:46 AM:
Kailee Verrin (Troy's daughter) from Victoria, B.C. wrote:
"My daddy is faster then your daddy! :)"

Wednesday, July 3 at 03:43 PM:
Michael 'Crash' Naphan from Victoria wrote:
"Well Oli, it was a pleasure to be in Mission with you. Anytime I can help you out let me know! ;)"

Wednesday, May 22 at 09:15 PM:
Tony from Santa Cruz, CA wrote:
"Congrats on your Portland win! Hope you get to race in Monterey. Would love to see you tear it up down there."

Tuesday, April 23 at 06:02 PM:
Andy Thaler from Victoria, B.C. wrote:
"Well done in Seattle! Keep up the good work. Great website. Best of luck in the 2002 season from a fellow Kawasaki rider."

Monday, April 22 at 08:07 PM:
Craig Turner, Kimpex from Burnaby, B.C. wrote:
"Good job at Portland! 1:10's are awsome. Great site, should see you at seattle next race, right after I whoop Sullivan at golf."

Sunday, April 21 at 05:25 AM:
Derrick from Victoria, BC wrote:
"Good luck with the 2002 season Oliver and pretty cool site. Later Bro :o)"

Sunday, April 21 at 12:06 AM:
Jon aka ICEMAN from Victoria wrote:
"Good luck this year Oliver, I'll keep checking back to see your schedule, hopefully I'll get to Seatle for one of your races. See you at the causeway!! Cheers."

Wednesday, April 17 at 05:23 AM:
Franz Walker from Motovan Corporation wrote:
"Awsome results. I am really happy for you. Keep it up and keep me posted."

Wednesday, March 20 at 09:10 AM:
Bob Underhill from Vancouver B.C. wrote:
"Oliver, Wish you another exciting year, and Top of the Podium!!!!!! You deserve it, thru all the hard work, training, etc..Great display at the recent Motorcycle Show. Very good Video.."