National Motorcycle Racer -

Location: Spokane WA
WMRRA Round 2

Events raced - Finish
600 Supersport - 4th
Formula Ultra - 4th
600 Superbike - 2nd



What a weekend - where to begin! My goal this weekend was to finally get some quality development time on our ZX6RR. Unbelievable as it may seem, we simply have not had the opportunity to sort out our 600. We have either been scrambling just to get the machine on the track or the conditions have not allowed us to explore the ZX6's potential. Anyway you put it, we were behind in our development. That was until this past weekend.

Practice = heat exhaustion
With the perfect weather on Saturday, Dan and I set out with a plan. First we were going to focus on the geometry settings on the bike, get that to where we were making progress and then work on getting the fuel injection and the power delivery sorted. With Dan's vast experience we arrived at a good base setting with the bikes geometry quite quickly. By this time it was only noon and I thought we would have ample time to get the fuel injection sorted so I was quite elated. Little did I know what lay ahead. Let me paint you a picture of the conditions that afternoon. It's 95º with no wind. It's HOT and we are struggling with the fuel injection settings. Dan has me going out for two laps and then coming in to describe the changes as positive or negative. This continues for just over 3 hours as we slowly make progress using a Techlusion EFI Box to adjust the settings. All the while I am so focused on what we are doing that I am not taking in enough water. The end result… heat exhaustion - not fun at all, but we did dial the 600 in better than I could ever have imagined. Effort = result. After drinking a lot of cold water in the air-conditioned race truck I was feeling much better, with the exception of a headache. A good sleep was all I needed to feel 100%.

Race 1 600 Supersport
As this was our first outing with the 600 in this series, and because WMRRA grids according to points, we were at the back of the grid. OH JOY! Row eight to be exact. I think I can see the start lights from there. Anyway, thanks to more of Dan's advise I was now good for at least two rows on my starts, provided I got it right. And in this case I really got it right. By turn four I was in the lead and feeling quite relaxed. From here it became a battle with three Yamaha's and unfortunately they got by me. I finished fourth in a great race with my good friend Tom Wertman.

Race 2 Formula Ultra
Spokane-rain-one-minute-shine-the-next was in full force. Guess what, I'm on the grid for this race on the mighty Zlock 9R. It's starting to rain and I'm on full Pirelli slicks. Oh boy, oh boy. I got a decent start and played it safe into turn one. By lap three I was in fourth and finding the limits of traction. Surprisingly, there was more available than I anticipated. Regardless, I slid my way around and finished fourth.

Race 3 600 Superbike
Remember that rain thing? Well it had just dumped and was still drizzling as I lined up on the grid - again in the eighth row. I got a great start and by the time I came around the last turn onto the straight I was in the lead. Behind me was a whole horde of bikes the least of which was Mike Sullivan on his Yamaha. By the second lap a dry line had formed handing the advantage to those who had opted for DOT tires. Fortunately, I had built enough of a lead that my only concern was going to be Mike. (On DOT's) On the second to last lap he got the drive on me coming out of turn two. I attempted to push a little harder, but the now screaming hot Pirelli Rains were absolutely out of their element. To push any harder would have lead me to crash, so on the white flag lap I chilled out and brought it home in second. Another great race with Mike.

I don't know if my enthusiasm comes through in this report, but I am truly ecstatic about our progress with the ZX6RR. I feel so fortunate to have the support of Zlock Racing and all our other sponsors and really believe that we earned our results this weekend with the hard work we put in. Funny how that works isn't it?

From here I am preparing for the Canadian National at Calgary. Look for us; we will be there!


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