National Motorcycle Racer -

Date: October 2 & 3
Location: Mission BC

Classes raced and results

Day 1
Superbike Race One - 1st
600 Supersport - 3rd
Superbike Race Two - 3rd

Day 2
Superbike Race One - 2nd
600 Supersport - 3rd
Superbike Race Two - 1st

The final two rounds of the WMRC series were wrapped into a double header weekend. Going in we had a shot at both championships we were contending, Pro Superbike and Pro 600 Supersport. It was going to be close, hard racing, but we were ready and motivated to win.

As there were over eight races during the weekend, I won't take you through each one individually, but rather an overview of each day's events.

Notes on Day 1 races
All through the warm-up sessions I was feeling fantastic. The bike was working perfectly with the Pirelli's and EBC brakes making stopping and turning the bike seem effortless. The only hindrance to my seemingly perfect morning was that my usual crew for the weekend had jammed out, leaving me without my usual entourage. It was here, once again, that I appreciated just how much effort goes into getting these bikes ready to go out on the track. I have been so spoiled over the last few years with guys like Dan, Sparky and others working over their "pre-Madonna" racer that I actually lose perspective. I know I have said it before, but thanks to these guys can't be said often enough. They make the results happen, not me. I'm just a miniscule part of the equation.

The first race went well as we were on the pace and I knew a good start would have us in the hunt for win in the next race. During the next race something happened to me mentally that I can't really explain. I just couldn't seem to get focused enough to put together solid laps. My lap timer said it all as I was 3 to 4 tenths off what I usually run during a race. I struggled to push through this barrier but it only resulted in me making mistakes. By the end of the day I was determined to resolve the issue with a good meal and solid sleep.

Notes on Day 2 races
With both a good meal and sleep under my belt I was feeling really good going into the last day. Practice went very well and I turned some very competitive times leaving me feeing confident for the races. The first Superbike race was one my favorites of the weekend, in fact the whole series. Although I didn't win this one, it was one heck of a battle between Steve Dick and I. We traded positions at least 3 times while running nose to tail the entire distance. In the end Steve got the better of me squeaking out the victory by less than a second.

In the end we finished 2nd overall in the championship, with a podium in every race we finished, just a scant two points behind Steve. We have had several good battles in this series this season, and I feel honored to be racing with someone like him. Not only is Steve a phenomenal rider, but he is genuinely a good guy and a good sport, something not all riders realize is part of the package that truly makes someone a champion.

Again none of this would have been possible without the support of the sponsors you see to the right. A special thanks to Phil & Cindy at CLS West for their incredible support and belief in me. I can only hope that at the end of the day I have given it 100% and represented my sponsors in the most professional manner possible. Thank you to all of them.


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Podium (I dragged Jim from Clearbrook Motorsports up) :o)

Scotty, Alan Schmidt (Wicked fast BC Racer), Me



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