National Motorcycle Racer -

WMRC Round 4

Mission BC

Series: WMRC

Date: August 6th

Classes raced and results

Superbike Race 1 - 1st

600 Supersport - 1st

Superbike Race 2 - DNF

Before I get into this report I would like to again thank James and Lidia for their hospitality and friendship over this past weekend. Hanging out with these two has honestly become the highlight of my race weekends in BC. With James and I having the same sense of humour, it seems the laughs don't stop from the moment I walk in the door. I'm quite certain Lidia has heard us quote Dave Chapelle one time too many, but she seems to tolerate us well.

Notes on races:

Race 1
SuperBike Race 1
Weather conditions - hot hot hot
Tires front / rear - soft dot front - medium dot rear
Total laps - 8
Result - 1st
This race went quite well for us as I managed to get the lead early from Al Schmidt and held him off for the win. It was evident during the race that Al was serious as he hounded me for the entire race not giving me an inch.

Race 2
600 Supersport
Weather conditions - hot hot hot
Tires front / rear - soft dot front - medium dot rear
Total laps - 10
Result - 1st
I got another good start and led the race from turn one to the finish, although I have to say I wasn't all too impressed with my performance on the bike. I just didn't seem to be hitting my marks and doing clean laps, so I decided to really tidy up my riding in the final race.

Race 3
SuperBike Race 2
Weather conditions - hot hot & even hotter
Tires front / rear - soft dot front - soft dot rear
Total laps - 12
Result - DNF
This was without a doubt the best race of the day. Al shot out to the front from the start and we proceeded to put in some really good laps. This was shaping up to be a great race and is the kind of competition I live for (two guys that are pretty evenly matched going toe-to-toe for the entire race). In my attempt to get by Al on the fourth lap I managed to knock out a 1:10.5, just two tenths of a second off my lap record - we were definitely trying. Unfortunately for us, we never got to finish our battle. My 600 decided we had used it a little too much as it began to leak oil and smoke which brought out the black flag. Our race was done, and Al proceeded to take a very much deserved win. I can't wait for us to get back at it in round five. It should be great!

From here I have about forty-eight hours until I leave for the National in Nova Scotia. This marks my third week on the road in what will be a five week stretch of racing and travelling. The end of the racing season is just around the corner, and it honestly feels as though it just started. No rest for the wicked :o)

Stay tuned


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Our 600

Richy & Jeremie from squids

Andrea and I

Marbod and I

Adam and I


James modeling the latest Zlock apparel

James Lidia and I

James "Official"

James and Lidia

James "slavin"

Look ma we won!

Action photo courtesy
Robert Smith

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