National Motorcycle Racer -

WMRC Round 5

Mission BC

Series: WMRC

Date: September 10th

Classes raced and results

Superbike Race 1 - 4th

600 SuperSport - 4th

Superbike Race 2 - 4th


This has undoubtedly been the most stressful weekend of racing I have ever had. Last week's Nationals aren't even in the same league as what occurred this weekend in Mission. But hey, I'm still smiling.

This weekend illustrated to me how rich I am in friends and supporters. There were several people that quite literally came to my rescue this weekend, and I want to thank all of them for everything they did to lend a hand. I feel blessed to have so many great people in my life.

Going into the penultimate round of the WMRC series I had a lot on my mind. First, my bride had still not gone into labour despite the due date having come and gone. Obviously I didn't want to miss the birth of our second child, but with the race being at least five hours in travelling distance away, if she did go into labour, I would most likely miss out. This equated to what I'll refer to as stress level one.

Stess level two arrived when I went out for our first practice and immediately noticed the 600 was running very hot. Not Good. I pulled off the track in total disappointment as the head gasket was obviously compromised and we were effectively out of the races that day.

Here is where things improved dramatically. With the news of my motorcycle misfortune spreading throughout the paddock, people suddenly came over to offer up their motorcycles just so I could stay in the points. It went as far as people that were actually competing against me in various classes offering their bikes. To be honest, I was quite taken aback by their generosity, and decided to accept an offer from Jason with the squids racing team. He had a rather well-used 2003 Kawasaki 600RR that was also fairly stock. It did the trick for me as my races didn't interfere with Jason's, even though he didn't seem to mind one way or the other.

So here I was on the starting line with a motorcycle I had never ridden. I managed to get a decent start while deciding to play it a little safe for the first few laps and get a feel for the bike. After all, this was a friend's bike and I couldn't simply just say "sorry" to him if something happened. Despite the bike being well down on power compared to our current 600, I managed to bring it home in fourth place. Okay, things weren't looking too bad, or were they? Unfortunately, Jason crashed his bike in a small lowside just before our next race of the day. Although he was thankfully uninjured in the crash, the bike was damaged to the point that I would not be able to ride it in our next race. This equated to stress level three.

Again the racing fraternity came to my rescue with Richie from squids racing offering his bike for the race, another 2003 Kawasaki 600RR. Once more I found myself on the starting line with a bike I had never ridden. This one had serious motor (a Zlock engine I might add), but there were some serious handling issues that I simply couldn't account for and I ultimately had to settle for fourth place. Luckily, it was enough for me to clinch the 2006 WMRC 600 SuperSport Championship with one round remaining.

Race three - the final.
With Richie now needing his bike to race in the same final, we had to frantically reassemble Jason's bike. Yet again, more people offered support with parts, rims, brakes and everything else we needed to get the bike out on the track. Unfortunately, James Cyr (my crew) had seriously burned his knee as he worked diligently to get things prepared. Thanks for the sacrifice bud - you worked your tail off. With only moments to spare, we got the bike ready with fuel, tires and brakes. Now all I had to do was ride it. As I soon realized that was easier said than done as in the panic of the day I had unintelligently neglected to eat anything or even drink much water. Stress level four?? Yep.

I managed to get a decent start and rode as hard as I could, somehow bringing it home in fourth. To say that I was relieved to cross the finish line is an understatement. I immediately called my bride to thankfully find out that we weren't in labour yet. Stress level somewhat normal.

This weekend has once again reminded me how fortunate I am to have the people, friends and family behind me that I do. It's also reminded me (once again) of how good I have it riding for Dan Zlock and his team. To be honest, I'm quite spoiled riding his machinery, and I really don't effectively clarify the significance Dan plays in any success I might have on the race track.

Thanks again to everyone that played a part in this weekend.

Stay tuned


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All action photos courtesy Hugh Jervis

The 600 on the Zlock Dyno

Borrowed bike #1

Out of action

Jason's bike

Jason & I

Richie & I

Work begins

James working very hard

More work on borrowed bike #2

When in doubt use a bigger hammer

This kids thinking... "why are these guys doing all this work"

Tire duty

Donor bike

James says "I think there's horsepower in here somewhere"

Repairs, Repairs, Repairs

OK - is this the bike I need to ride now or the other one?

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